Dienstag, November 13, 2012

69 Sustainable Business Models for Journalism from Europe, Japan & USA

The SuBMoJour Report Out. It is a joint project with University of Tampere, USC Annenberg and Waseda University ... more

Chasing Sustainability on the Net
edited by Esa Sirkunen & Clare Cook

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Table of Contents

0. Abstract

1. Introduction
by Esa Sirkkunen, Clare Cook and Pekka Pekkala

2. Diversified media landscapes
2.1. Overview of media systems
by Esa Sirkkunen

2.2. USA: Moderate success after a long crisis
by Pekka Pekkala

2.3. Japan: Journo-based and journo-oriented
by Mikihito Tanaka

2.4. UK: Big media friends
by Johanna Vehkoo and Clare Cook

2.5. France: Tensions and diversity
by Clare Cook

2.6. Italy: An unfinished transition
by Nicola Bruno

2.7. Spain: Enthusiasm and fragility
by Luchino Sívori

2.8. Finland: Legacy dominates
by Esa Sirkkunen

3. Revenue sources
by Clare Cook and Esa Sirkkunen

4. Sustaining journalistic entrepreneurship
by Pekka Pekkala and Clare Cook

5. Conclusions
by Clare Cook, Esa Sirkkunen and Pekka Pekkala

- List of cases in the SuBMoJour-database by country
- Questionnaire