Dienstag, April 02, 2013

FIPP: Innovations in Magazine Media 2013 World Report

At the Digital Innovators Summit 2013, Berlin in mid-March FIPP & the Innovation International Media Consulting Group presented the 'Innovations in Magazine Media Report 2013'.

Juan Señor, John Wilpers and Juan Antonio Giner and many contributors have gathered about 80 innovations around the world that could help keep the magazine media alive, to prolong the life time of magazines, to keep / add the benefit of magazines for the users, to adapt to changes in user behavior, and/or trying to invent media magazines new.

The Magazin Innovations Report 2013 is available in print, in digital edition and app formats [plus Webinar on March 13, 2013].

Pricing and Order information at fipp.com

From the FIPP release:
"Innovations' case studies cover:
Advertising innovations: Coca-Cola.FM hand in hand with JWT and Capricho magazine, Nexus, Time Dog, Bradesco Car Insurance, Volkswagen, CW Network and Entertainment Weekly, Dolce & Gabbana and Marie Claire
The magazine as retailer: Net-a-Porter
Making your app appetising: Glamour Personal Shopper, National Geographic, The Atavist, Popular Science, British Journal of Photography
Personalisation: Harper’s Bazaar, Action Commerciale, Drawbridge
eSingles: Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic
Magazines making a buzz: the UK’s Covered, Brazil’s Mundo Estranho, Germany’s YPS, Southern African Tourism Update, Wired in the UK and Marie Claire in the US
Person of the year: Roberto Civita, Abril Group
Video delivers: Esquire
The future of magazines: Visions from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
The future of paper: Paper Four, graphene, Interactive Newsprint
Lead generation: Zinio, iba, Next Issue Media, tijdschrift.nl
Campaign journalism: Planeta Sustentável
HTML5 makes an impact: touch.theatlanticwire.com, ESPN Magazine, The Economist’s Electionism
Making social media work for you: commerce, tips and tricks, best use of social media by magazines ..."