Freitag, Mai 10, 2013

PPA UK: 4th Annual Publishing Future Report 2013

via PPA, the Professional Publishers Association UK: Publishing Futures 2013: At a glance

Print share on publishers total turnover will decline further. Over the next 2 years in the consumer print magazine market about 9 % and with B2B print magazines by 20 %.

Digital share on publishers total turnover will grow substantial. Over the next 2 years in the consumer publishing market by 88 % and with B2B publishing by 32 %.

Publishers think that their total advertising revenue share will be nore less stable over the next 2 years. Digital would create more or less compensation for the losses in print ads.

According to this figures print circulation share will decline over the period of the next 2 years. 6 % in consumer magazine publishing and 17 % in B2B

About: Publishing Futures is an annual bellwether survey from the PPA carried out and produced by Wessenden Marketing. The 2013 survey is the fourth in the project’s history and comprises data from 96 UK consumer, business and digital publishers that are responsible for over 5,100 branded activities.

If you are not a PPA member, you can buy the Publishing Futures report 2013 for (hefty) 495 UKP - about 586 Euro - (plus VAT) here.

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