Montag, Mai 20, 2013

Research: The Value in B-to-B: How Business-to-business Media Connect Buyers and Sellers (Session Video) 34:30 min.

An American Business Media's Annual Conference 2013 Session with Matt Kinsman (ABM's VP Content & Programming) and Michael Moran Alterio (ABM's Research & Content Director)

On July 30, 2013 ABM has published a full-sized 425 pages 'Value of B-to-B' report. The report includes about 30 pages of analysis and takeaways and all raw data to dig in and do some number crunching for your and your clients specific questions on B2B Media. 

Some results from Adobe sponsored ABM's qualitative research by Readex Research (March 11 - April 12, 2013) on how trade media might shape the buyer-seller relationship today and in the near future. For this research ABM surveyed three audiences of interest

     74 marketers
   111 publishers, and
6.682 users of business-to-business media

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Slidedeck used during this presentation (PDF)

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