Montag, August 19, 2013

Gartner's 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Maps Out Evolving Relationship Between Humans and Machines

The evolving relationship between humans and machines is the key theme of Gartner, Inc.'s "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2013." Gartner has chosen to feature the relationship between humans and machines due to the increased hype around smart machines, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things.

Analysts believe that the relationship is being redefined through emerging technologies, narrowing the divide between humans and machines ...


The Hype Cycle
1. Augmenting Humans With Technology
2. Machines Replacing Humans
3. Humans and Machines Working Alongside Each Other
4. Machines Better Understanding Humans and the Environment
5. Humans Better Understanding Machines
6. Machines and Humans Becoming Smarter

On the Rise
- Bioacoustic Sensing
- Smart Dust
- Quantum Computing
- Quantified Self
- 3D Bioprinting
- Brain-Computer Interface
- Human Augmentation
- Volumetric and Holographic Displays
- Electrovibration
- Affective Computing
- Prescriptive Analytics
- Autonomous Vehicles
- Biochips

At the Peak
- 3D Scanners
- Mobile Robots
- Speech-to-Speech Translation
- Internet of Things
- Natural-Language Question Answering
- Big Data
- Consumer 3D Printing
- Gamification
- Wearable User Interfaces
- Complex-Event Processing
- Content Analytics
- In-Memory Database Management Systems
- Virtual Assistants

Sliding Into the Trough
- Augmented Reality
- Machine-to-Machine Communication Services
- Mobile Health Monitoring
- Mesh Networks: Sensor
- Cloud Computing
- Virtual Reality
- In-Memory Analytics
- Gesture Control

Climbing the Slope
- Activity Streams
- Enterprise 3D Printing
- Biometric Authentication Methods
- Consumer Telematics
- Location Intelligence

Entering the Plateau
- Speech Recognition
- Predictive Analytics

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