Donnerstag, August 29, 2013

Gartner's Hype Cycle for Social Software, 2013

What's hot (or not so hot) in Social Software: Collaborative customer interfaces, Social co-browsing, Mobile virtual worlds ...

"IT leaders must keep abreast of this evolving sector in order to take advantage of social capabilities and understand the implications that social software developments have for related technologies"

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Hype Cycle for Social Software, 2013

On the Rise
- Collaborative Customer Interfaces
- Persona Management
- Social Co-browsing
- Social IT Management
- Customer-Centric Web Strategies
- Mobile Virtual Worlds
- Social BPM
- Unstructured Process
- Social Employee Recognition Systems
- Social TV
- MDM and Social Data
- No-Email Initiatives
- Social Media Records Management

At the Peak
- Expertise Location and Management
- Security Applications Embedded in Social Media
- Collaborative Authoring Tools
- Mobile Social Gaming
- Privacy Management Tools
- Enterprise Video Content Management
- Social Learning Platform
- Social Media Metrics
- Social Network Analysis
- Gamification
- Social Content
- Social Recruitment Software
- Crowdsourcing
- Social Commerce
- Social Software Standards
- Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS)

Sliding Into the Trough
- Social Media Compliance
- Mobile Collaboration Client
- Cloud Office Systems
- External Peer-to-Peer Communities
- Social Analytics
- Social Media Distribution
- Mass Collaboration
- Social Profiles
- Personal Subscriptions
- Virtual Reality
- Enterprise Internet Reputation Management
- Social Software Suites

Climbing the Slope
- Activity Streams
- Social Media Engagement Solutions
- Internal Peer-to-Peer Communities
- Idea Management
- Unified Communications and Collaboration
- Social Media Monitors

Entering the Plateau
- Mobile Social Networks

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