Freitag, Dezember 13, 2013

Compendium: FIPP's World Magazine Trends 2013-14 out

The World Magazine Trend Report 2013-2014 provides - on over 440 pages - overall trends and basic data market & media for 54 countries and in detail data on ad spending (by ZenithOptimedia) for B2B + Consumer Magazines and circulation figures (by PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Digital data includes Internet penetration and mobile penetration, plus eReader and Magazine website listings (where available).

ZenithOptimedia suggest that overall advertising will grow in 2014 by 5.1 %, 2015 by 5.9 %. About two thirds of growth comes from rising ad markets lead by Asia-Pacific, Central- and South-America and Africa.

For anyone in media and advertising who needs to know about international magazine markets and needs some basic data, resources,  and contacts. This 10th compendium has it all (for 54 countries and what is available).

The 'Digital edition' of FIPP's World Magazine Trends 2013-2014 is available now. The Print edition ships on December 20, 2013 and an Excel version is promised for January 2014

Purchasing / more Information at FIPP's Website

If we have a chance to look inside, we will blog some regional overviews in due course.

Post scriptum: we did ...

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World Magazine Trends Germany
Print works - but magazine buyers, readers and ad Dollar's / Euro's move on