Montag, Dezember 16, 2013

FIPP World Magazine Trends 2014: CEE Region (II.)

From the new edition of FIPP's World Magazine Trends 2013/2014 [data from ZenithOptimedia]:

In 2012 total ad spending declined 1.6 % in Central-/Eastern Europe and 2.7 in Western Europe. But CEE is recovering faster than WE. In 2012 ad spend share of TV was 35 % (USD 43,528 million) and will hold it's leading position. The print share is 11 % for magazines and 20 % for newspapers and will decrease to 9 % and 17 % in 2015.

The print ad budgets are shifted to the Internet, which has a market share of 21 % in 2012 and expected to gain 5 percent points until 2015.

Btw., part of "Internet" ad spend will be still magazine + newspaper (digital) advertising. Maybe high time to change the viewpoint away from the medium delivery form to media categories to make sense.

The FIPP WMT 2014 is a great compendium for anyone in media and advertising who needs to know about international magazine markets and needs some basic data, resources, and contacts. This 10th compendium of World Magazine Trends has it all - for 54 countries - (if available).

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The World Magazine Trend Report 2013-2014 provides - on over 440 pages - overall trends and basic data market & media for 54 countries and in detail data on ad spending (by ZenithOptimedia) for B2B + Consumer Magazines and circulation figures (by PricewaterhouseCoopers) ... more

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