Samstag, Mai 03, 2014

Congress of the German B2B / Specialized Press, May 14/15: The State of the UK Business Information Sector

Just 10 days before (about) 500 publishers and professionals of German B2B Media meet up in Essen (Germany) and discuss about "Successful solutions for B2B markets communication". Have you registered yet?

On the agenda of the Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse 2014 there are two speakers from UK - looking over the fence / the English Channel - which might be of interest to you:

Joe Hames,  PPA's Business Media Manager (since April 2011)

He offers - on behalf of PPA UK - a snapshot on the State of Business Media UK: 2014


If you like to grasp the optimisms members of the UK PPA Business Board have about the State of the UK Business Information Sector and the companies they represent, listen to this video clip (December 2013)

via PPA

The second speaker from UK is Adrian Barrick @adrianbarrick, since November 2012 UBM's Chief Content Officer. At the congress he speaks about UBM plan and success in 'Building valuable B2B communities'.

If you like to prepare yourself for the talk , just head over to the colleges from VDZ, the German Magazine Publishing Association and check Adrian's slidedeck (PDF) from the VDZ Summit 2013.

and / or read from Jasper Jackson @JaspJackson @mediabrief
How UBM Tech is rebuilding events and editorial around business communities

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