Sonntag, Juli 20, 2014

SDL Global Study: Five Truths for Future Marketers or Understanding the Millennials

Based on results from a global study of Millennials (January - April 2014) in Australia, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, UK and US, and others by SDL plc (UK).

The Channel Engagement is (now) in the Hands of the Consumer, stupid!

Source: Infograph

SDL Study tells about five Truths for future marketers you better consider and embrace (even unwillingly)

1) Campaigns are extinct
2) Channels are irrelevant
3) Content finds the customer
4) There is only one language
5) Your data trumps Big Data

In short, the advice is:
Not only your Millennials customers want what they want, when they want it. So don’t focus on individual channels, consider the experience you want them to have and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Danke an Olaf Kolbrück für den HT. 
Leser im Gültigkeitsbereich des #LSR suchen jetzt bitte nach 'Olaf Kolbrück Die fatalen Irrtümer des stationären Handels' und Google bringt Sie auf den rechten Weg zum dfv.

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