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Journalism & Automated Writing, Machine Writing, Robot Writing - a collection of ideas and material (III.)

Every reader / user should get her / his own news, individually tailored article, report, alert and/or a individually catalog listing, personalized product description, etc. - event, process, time, location and device sensitive

Journalism & Automated Writing, Machine Writing, Robot Writing - a collection of ideas and material (II.)

Journalism & Automated Writing, Robot Writing (some notes from prehistoric times)

Sharing my collection so far, for you to use, share, add: (part III): September 2014 - until today

***  please feel free to add to (and correct) the collection, your input is always welcome! 

Article & Postings collected

NYTimes Quiz: Did a Human or a Computer Write This?

If an Algorithm Wrote This, How Would You Even Know?
by Shelley Podolny at the NYTimes

Outsouring my brain (II.) 
by David Worlock

Für Börsenberichte: Tomorrow Focus setzt jetzt auf Robotertexte mit Text-on (Retresko, siehe unter Marketplayer)
von Marvin Schade auf (bitte googeln) #LSR

Can Robots Do Public Interest Journalism?
by Nicholas Diakopoulos at

Major US news organisations - NYT, Washington Post, AP, Gannett - to develop Robot Journalists

Photo: The Register

by Lewis Page at The Register U.K.

Researchers to begin work with news organizations in an effort to advance aerial journalism
Press release VirginaTech

Why Robot? Automated journalism is no longer science fiction. It’s time to change what we call it
by Will Oremus on
Will Robots Soon Customize Books for an Audience of One?
by Edward Nawotka at Publishing Perspectives

The Advent of Robojournalism and Robowriting
by Mark Piesing at Publishing Perspectives

I'll Be Back: The Return of Artificial Intelligence
by Jack Clark on BloombergBusiness

AP's 'robot journalists' are writing their own stories now
by Ross Miller at the Verge

The Big Idea: The Future of Journalism Involves Drones, Virtual Reality, and Robots
by Robert Moses/Fox 5 News

This robot - at Novice Art Blogger - reviews art better than most critics 
by Thomas Gorton at DAZED

Robot Journalist Finds New Work on Wall Street Software that turns data into written text 
by Tom Simonite at Technology Review

Investor rush to artificial intelligence is real deal

by Richard Waters at

Narrative Science Raises $10 Million More for Its Automated Writing Software
by Peter Kafka at re/code

The Robotic Reporter (PDF)
Automated journalism and the redefinition of labor, compositional forms, and journalistic authority
by Matt Carlson via Taylor & Francis Online

Computational Journalism - Idea, Implications and Perspectives  (PDF)
by Hans-Bernd Brosius 

Robot Reporters or Human Journalists: Who Do You Trust More?
by Hille van der Kaa and Emiel Krahmer at

Live Blog: Computation + Journalism Symposium 2014
by Sean Mussenden at

Turnitin Acquires LightSide Labs to Put Automated Writing Feedback in Students’ Hands
by Tony Wan at edSurge

Re: Automated writing evaluation (AWE)
Could someone develop such solutions for the writing guild, for journalism, editorial, copy editing, etc. purpose?

Robot Journalism at the New York Times
by Frederik Fischer on Youtube 
Interview with Ken Schwenke, an Interactive Newsdeveloper at the NYTimes about Robot Journalism

The journalists who never sleep
‘Robot writers’ that can interpret data and generate stories are starting to appear in certain business and media sectors
by Yves Eudes at The Guardian

The Robot Journalist in the Age of Social Physics: The End of Human Journalism?
by Noam Lemelshtrich Latar via Springer Link

Some Marketplayer + Patents (updated)

Aexea , Stuttgart, DE
offers CaaS (Content-as-a-Service) 

"Als Vorreiter der automatisierten Texterstellung entwickeln wir komplexe Software, die in Sekundenschnelle verständliche und lesenswerte Texte in verschiedenen Sprachen generiert. Ob suchmaschinenoptimierte Produkttexte, Sportartikel, Wetter- oder Verkehrsmeldungen – Anwendungsgebiete für automatisierte Texte gibt es viele. Bisher erstellte AX bereits mehr als 3,1 Millionen davon."

Automated Insights, Durham, NC, USA

Automated Insights' patented Wordsmith platform writes insightful, personalized reports from your data. Wordsmith for Marketing.

Context Relevant, Seattle WA, USA

Automating human-intensive knowledge work

Kensho, Cambridge MA, USA

Empowering the largest financial institutions in the world with technology that brings transparency to markets

Labsense, Paris, FR 
Co-founder Edouard de Ménibus  @edemenibus

Labsense, a small startup in Paris, has compiled its own automated-writing code. It now works for online trading websites with large catalogues, with details of countless products, specification sheets, user manuals and such.

Offers Text mining, text generation, assisted writing 

LocalLabs Media Services, New York, NY, USA

Content on demand for Media Companies

Mastodon C, London, UK

Agile big data specialists offers open source technology platform and the skills to unlock the power of data

MetaMind, Palo Alto CA, USA

MetaMind delivers state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprises, powered by Deep Learning.

Nara, Cambridge MA, USA

technology and machines should take lessons from the way real people think, process and decide and we can reframe our relationsship with technology.

Narrative Science, Chicago IL, USA

Website von «Forbes» mit automatisch generierten Zusammenfassungen von Geschäftsberichten beliefert und auch Matchberichte für Kinder-Baseball im Angebot hat.

Scaled Inference, Palo Alto CA, USA  

Enabling a new generation of intelligent software built by the masses and powered by an open shared platform.

Sentient Technologies, San Francisco CA, USA

Data analytic technology using algorithms to continuously ingest information and solve quantifiable problems

Retresko GmbH, Berlin, DE

Experte und Partner für Suche, Semantik und die Automatisierung contentgetriebener Geschäftsmodelle.

turnitin (LightSide)  @turnitin

Automated writing evaluation (AWE)

Vicarious, San Francisco CA, USA

Next generation of A.I. algorithms Vicarious is bringing us all closer to a future where computers perceive, imagine, and reason just like humans.

yseop  @YseopAI

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