Mittwoch, März 30, 2016

Post-report: FIPP Digital Innovators’ Summit 2016, Berlin (II) - 360° Video, 3D, UAV, VR, WT

Organizers and program committee of the #DISummit 2016 lured their record-breaking audience - of more than 600 participants - with some forward-looking (and current hyped) topics such as

360° / Immersive Video
UAV / Drones
VR / Virtual Reality
WT / Wearable Technology

Ben Kreimer, journalism technologist and beta fellow at BuzzFeed Open Labs, New York, NY offered some practical examples from the UNL Drone Journalism Lab  and AfricanskyCAM of telling stories by using

- Drones
- 3D Environments/Digital Reconstruction
- 360° / Immersive Video
- Mobile Devices
- Virtual Reality

and hopefully appetized journalist (and publishers) to grasp and embrace the new opportunities for a great future of storytelling.

The presentation - incl. Videos - for online viewing (and sharing) at

One Example (out of five)

Presentation as PDF at

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Jens Christensen, CEO and Founder, Jaunt VR, Palo Alto, CA presented a short overview on the eco-system of VR as it is available today (picture taken from, Daniel Terdiman article at

and the world of opportunities beyond gaming opening up in 360° Video on platforms like facebook and YouTube as well as in Cinematic VR e.g. Journalistic storytelling, Music, Sport, Travel, Advertising. Not to forget what Jaunt has on offer (Investors a.o. from Axel Springer, ProSieben).

Download presentation at (PDF)

Tanja Aitamurto, Deputy Director and postdoctoral Brown Fellow at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Stanford University expanded the view in her DEEP-DIVE session with a variety of concrete examples of storytelling with crowdsourcing and virtual reality.

Warning: As always, the charts don't tell the whole story, but...

Download Tanja's presentation (PDF) and get more reports / paper on her Website

Robert Hernandez, associate professor of professional practice, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Los Angeles, CA, was trying hard to encourage the audience to optimize their content and content presentation for the user and the devices, using advanced technology already available and technology in the making, as they do at the (not so) USC mad scientist’s lab.

See some VR & AR projects here

and in Roberts #DISummit presentation  (PDF)

Last but not least
Redg Snodgrass, CEO at ReadWrite, CEO and co-founder at Wearable World, San Francisco, CA about the colliding world's between wearable tech, IoT and the media.

Download presentation at (PDF)

For me, many of the presentations mentioned her, were a bit too general and gave only a first impression. With a good number of projects accomplished or in progress, but not much on achieved result, lessons learned - do's and don'ts.

Positivly said: there is some room for improvement for the #DISummit 2017 program,
March 19 - 21, 2017 in Berlin, Germany

FIPP shared most presentation charts from the #DISummit here | Videos here .

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