Dienstag, April 05, 2016

TrackMaven new 2016 Social Media Impact Report:The B2B Industry Edition [U.S.]

In the Social Media Impact Report 2016 - B2B Industry Edition TrackMaven analyzed  500,000+ pieces of social content from 316 leading B2B brands in 17 industries (U.S.) across five key social channels. It offers B2B Marketer usefull hints on using Social Media and some kind of benchmark for their own performance and planning.
  • Which B2B industries get the greatest impact from social media marketing
  • What seems to be the most effective strategies for social in each industry
  • Which are the differences in social media usage, impact, and priorities across the B2B landscape

Here some results from the report

Download TrackMaven's new 2016 Social Media Impact Report B2B (reg. req.)
[31 pages, PDF)