Donnerstag, Juni 16, 2016

Just released: The Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016

The 5th edition of the annual Reuters Institute Digital News Report shows inter alia
  • Social Media are often the key source of news
  • Original news brand get less noticed
  • Consumers still reluctant to pay for general news online

Studying the data presented in the report (and even more data on RISJ Website ) and seeing the changes over time, the directions in news discovery and news consumption as well as the different lines and stages of development over the years in 26 countries is really worthwhile to analyze for anyone planning and leading in the news industry.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016   Download  (124 pg, PDF)

Some Findings from the RISJ report

Platform for Accessing News (last week)

Source of News by Gender + Age (last week)

Starting Points for News (last week)

Engaged in some Form of News Participation (average week)

Percentage of who Paid for News (last year) -
Budget for News (year)

Traditional (Print Preference) Users vs. Mainly Digital Users

Summary Germany 

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