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Mittwoch, Dezember 10, 2014

World Magazine Trends 2015: Asia-Pacific Region (III.)

From the new edition of FIPP's World Magazine Trends 2014/2015
[data from ZenithOptimedia]:

The Asia Pacific region is the most populated region with more than 50 % of all people on earth. In Advertising the Asia-Pacific region is second after North-America and could advance to the first place before 2020.

Ad spending will grow about 7,3%. newspaper remain stable, whilst magazine will decline further (- 1,3 %) and Internet advertising will grow about 19,8 %. Growth will come from mostly from China, India, Indonesia.

Advertising Spend 2015 in Asia - Pacific (selection)

More about the WMT Report

FIPP's Annual Compendium The World Magazine Trends Report 2014-2015 provides - on over 460 pages - covers key industry data on a global, regional and country-by-country (46 countries, see Table of Contents) basic data for the consumer and B2B magazine media business. Data on advertising spending (by ZenithOptimedia) for B2B + Consumer Magazines as well as circulation figures (by PricewaterhouseCoopers) from the past and and forecast to 2016.

Data about digital media, include Internet penetration and mobile penetration, plus eReader and Magazine website listings ...  more

Dienstag, Dezember 17, 2013

FIPP World Magazine Trends 2014: Asia-Pacific Region (III.)

From the new edition of FIPP's World Magazine Trends 2013/2014 [data from ZenithOptimedia]:

Ad expenditure grew in 2012 by 6,2 % to USD 140,839 million, all media showing growth, except newspapers. ZenithOptimedia forecast's that from 2012 to 2015 will grow by 20 % to about USD 169,526. Two third will be spend for TV and on the Internet. Magazine ad spending of USD 6,719 million in 2012, will decrease to USD 6,582 million in 2015. Ad spend share for magazines drops further, to 4 % in 2015.

The FIPP WMT 2014 is a great compendium for anyone in media and advertising who needs to know about international magazine markets and needs some basic data, resources, and contacts. This 10th compendium of World Magazine Trends has it all - for 54 countries - (if available).

More about the report
The World Magazine Trend Report 2013-2014 provides - on over 440 pages - overall trends and basic data market & media for 54 countries and in detail data on ad spending (by ZenithOptimedia) for B2B + Consumer Magazines and circulation figures (by PricewaterhouseCoopers) ... more

More Information, Purchasing at FIPP's Website

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Print works - but magazine buyers, readers and ad Dollar's / Euro's move on 

Donnerstag, September 06, 2012

Australia: Nine Entertainment wants to sell, and Bauer Media Group wants to buy ACP Magazines. But way?

You can read why, and some about the agreement and the financial obstacles in the media release or the b2b press.

For readers / followers here some figures about the Australian consumer magazine market:

In short: (Source: ABC / ZenithOptimedia)
[- number of magazines up  2006: 1100  --> 2011: 1200 + 9,1 % ]
- distributed copies down 2006: 244,4 Mio.  --> 2011: 182,8 Mio.  - 25,2 %
- ad sales down (USD) 2006: 912 Mio.  --> 2011: 733 Mio.  - 19,6 % (not adjusted for price)

and btw. the forecast for 2012 and 2013 is also negative.

Top Publishers (in Circulation by ABC, June 2011)

1. ACP Magazines
2. Pacific Magazines
3. News Magazines
4. Readers Digest
5. Fairfax Magazines

Average Paid Circulation Consumer Magazines (ABC)

Top Advertising Categories

(Nielsen Top Media Advertisers Report Jan-June 2011)

1. Retail
2. Toiletries and cosmetics
3. Real estate and building products
4. Clothing and Accessories
5. Entertainment and leisure
6. Travel and accommodation
7. Motor vehicles
8. Food
9. Pharmaceuticals
10. Media

Share of Ad spend 2006 and 2011

If you want more of this figures for Australia or other countries, please check FIPP World Magazines Trend 2012 or/and contact me / find me.

Für ein anderes großes Verlagshaus in HH:
Vielleicht ist es vielleicht doch ein Vorteil, wenn man mit sich selbst beschäftigt ist...

Freitag, September 03, 2010

Edelman and Brandtology’s Asia Digital Brand Index 10.3 (DBI) Presentation

... covering Australia, China India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

View more presentations from Brandtology.
Australia Release (4 pg., PDF)
China Release (4 pg., PDF)
India Release (3 pg., PDF)
Indonesia Release (3 pg., PDF)
HongKong Release (3 pg., PDF)
Malaysia Release
(4 pg., PDF)
Singapore Release (3 pg,, PDF)

Freitag, Juni 20, 2008

Google YouTube Screening Room Launched

at the Los Angeles Film Festival (June 19-29, 2008)

Starting with selected partners, targeting independent filmmakers, they can show and sell Short- and feature-length movies as download and packaged DVDs ...

From David Chartier on

"Throughout the Screening Room's first month of operation, YouTube will screen short films from Norway, Sweden, Canada, the UK, and US, featuring well-known actors and award-winning filmmakers as well as undiscovered gems. During the rest of the year, films from Germany, Austria, France, Kenya, Australia, and Ireland will all grace YouTube's virtual stage ..." more

YouTube Screening Room

Will Hulu generate more revenues (in 2009) than YouTube, as Mark Cuban suggests?
Hulu is kicking Youtube's Ass

Donnerstag, Januar 31, 2008

Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Sales 2006 - 2001

Japan leads, but other countries are poised to grow ...

Report Details

via smartbrief

some more (free) info at
Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Awakens

Dienstag, Dezember 04, 2007

LiveJournal Sold to Russian Firm SUP

"LiveJournal, the personal Web publishing service that jump-started blogging in Russia, has been sold by its U.S. owner to a Russian business partner, which will operate it independently, the companies said on Sunday.

Six Apart Ltd said it sold the blog community site for undisclosed terms to SUP (according to Russia Information Center for 30 million USD, more), a Russian-focused Internet media company led by an American and British duo that has expanded LiveJournal's Russian business over the past year.

The free, ad-supported blog site encourages users to keep online diaries they share and discuss with friends. It counts 14.3 million blog accounts and roughly 20 million visitors a month. Its writers publish more than 150,000 new posts a day ..." more

Is this the end of the Russian policy "Blogs are not important enough to care about them? and / or 'somewhere, angry people need a hideaway to let off steam"?

The Russian Federation delivers - after US - the second highest number of accounts to LiveJournal total 14.3 Mio. accounts . Most popular countries for LiveJournal (Accounts) per 3-Dec-2007

- United States - 3,069,035
- Russian Federation - 516,790
- Canada - 269,658
- United Kingdom - 240,214
- Australia - 114,398
- Ukraine - 65,157
- Singapore - 50,427
- Philippines - 46,304
- Germany - 44,301
- Finland - 36,076
- Japan - 29,132
- Netherlands - 23,445
- Belarus - 21,169

Meanwhile: Russia's last refuge: the blogosphere by Evgeny Morozov

LiveJournal, SUP, Russia links by Brad Fitzpatrick

Die Meldung bei SUB ... / more on SUB at Russia IC

The Russian Blogosphere
In Russia's Blogosphere, Anything Goes

Earlier posts:
Die kleine Presse- und Medienfreiheit in Russland

Citizen Journalism in Russia:

Sonntag, November 11, 2007

Social Media Prosumer Check

Writing a post on IBM's new study 'The End of Advertising as We Know It' I found this chart comparing the usage of Social Media and the creation of 'Content' by users in Australia, Germany, Japan, UK and USA

Montag, Oktober 22, 2007

Facebook Statistik Deutschland

Registrierte User in Deutschland: 259.760

95.060 männlich
97.340 weiblich
67.360 sind noch unentschieden ;-)

Nach Altersgruppen

Zum Vergleich

19.951.900 User aus USA
6.407.580 User aus UK
1.498.320 User aus Australien
891.480 User aus Norwegen
828.940 User aus Schweden
605.820 User aus Südafrika
429.540 User aus Frankreich
327.760 User aus der Türkei
121.000 User aus Italien
115.980 User aus Saudi Arabien
109.840 User aus den Niederlande
99.600 User aus der Schweiz

Stand: 22-Oct-2007
Auszählung via Facebook Flyer Tool

Montag, Juli 09, 2007

comScore Stats on Online Asia Pacific

comScore is leaving home. After announcing and releasing research data on some Europe countries (e.g. Germany), comScore released this morning in Tokyo their first comprehensive review of Internet behavior covering 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

From ComScore's release:
... The comScore World Metrix study reveals that in May there were nearly 284 million people age 15 or older who accessed the Internet from either a home or work computer in the region. This represents 10 percent of the Asian-Pacific population 15 years of age and older.

- South Korea boasts the greatest rate of Internet usage, with 65 percent of its population using the Internet in May (home and work locations, age 15 or older), followed by Australia (62 percent), New Zealand (60 percent) and Hong Kong (59 percent). India has the lowest penetration at just 3 percent.

- China clearly has the largest online population with 91,5 million people (age 15 or older accessing the Internet from either a home or a work computer in May 2007), but this translates to a penetration of only 9 percent of the country’s population. Japan has 53,7 million users (49 percent penetration) and South Korea 26,3 million (65 percent penetration). Combined, these 3 countries account for 60 percent of the region’s Internet population.

- South Korea has the most active online population, using the Internet an average of 17,4 days per person in May, and dedicating 31,2 hours to viewing 4.546 pages during the month – twice as many pages as the regional average of 2.171 pages per user.


Mittwoch, Juli 04, 2007

OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum 2007 Recap

If you consult the international / english site of OhmyNews, you won't find much about the 2007 Forum yet - if you read Korean you have more luck ...

OMNI 2007 Forum Videos are now Online

- [Review and Outlook] Past and Future of Cit-J / Dan Gillmore / OhmyTV
- [Session 1] Citizen Journalism in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Estonia / OhmyTV
- [Session 2] Citizen Journalism in South Africa and Australia / OhmyTV
- [Session 3] Citizen Reporters in Their Own Words 1 / OhmyTV
- [Session 4] Citizen journalism in North America / OhmyTV
- [Session 5] Focus - Transplanting Ohmynews to Japan / OhmyTV
- [Session 6] Ensuring Editorial Accountability / OhmyTV
- [Session 7] Citizen Reporters in Their Own Words 2 / OhmyTV
- [Session 8] The Search for a Sustainable Bussiness Model / OhmyTV

As Readers Edition, the German Citizen Journalism platform was not present in Seoul, I point you - who might be interested to benefit from the discussion - to Rory O'Conners who published his record of the event under OhourNews and points to media channels 'OhmyNews 2007 International Citizen Reporters’ Forum Recap, with a listing of reports about the 2007 Forum.

Later on you might find something here

Serhiy Danylenko from Ukraine's Citizen Journalism platform Highway mailed me a copy of his presentation in Seoul and I'm happy to share it with you (PDF).

Montag, Juni 11, 2007

Will Online Overtake Television News Within Five Years

A study from Harris Interactive on newspapers and online sites, released last week, says so ... but is it important whether this will be in three, five, ten years or never?

Even today, many people believe it’s already easier to get news online than to read a newspaper. The study predicts, that in Germany and UK TV will be still the number on source in five years

The lowest percentage of adults who indicate that major daily newspapers will be their source for news and information is in Great Britain and Italy (4% each) while the highest percentage is among German adults with 12% - not so comfortable either.

Sample charts

more data and charts on ...

The data came from a poll of 8749 adults taken last month the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia.

via MediaChannel

Sonntag, Juni 10, 2007

Citizen Journalism Projects & Initiatives

Last updated: 25-June-2007

On our Social Media Blog we try to build a list of Citizen Journalism Projects & Initiatives. We know, this list of Citizen Journalism Sites will never be complete - projects come, grow and go ...

You can help! Please send in links for CJ-Site still missing on this list (and any correction) via comment or by eMail.

As there are multiple list from US CJ-Sites on the web, we don't list them here - except they are written (also) for the rest of us. Our aim is to build over time a respectable list for Europe, Africa (and Asia) if our reader and we can read / see something we understand.

Our actual CJ-list (per 10-June-2007):

If you want more than a Link-List, please let us know!

I am involved in the German project Readers Edition . If you are interested we could network, learn from each other and exchange and amplify subjects we care about.

Dienstag, Oktober 24, 2006

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

Befreier, Befreite und Unfreie - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit

Auf Platz 1 Finnland (mit Island, Irland und den Niederlande)

- Platz 5 Tschechien
- Platz 6 Norwegen (mit Estonien)
- Platz 8 Skowakei und Schweiz
- Platz 23 Deutschland (mit Benin und Jamaika)
- Platz 27 Litauen und Vereinigtes Königsreich
- Platz 35 Australien, Bulgarien, Frankreich und Mali
- Platz 41 Spanien und El Salvador
- Platz 51 Japan
- Platz 53 USA (mit Botswana, Kroatien und Tonga)
- Platz 105 Indien und Ukraine
- Platz 130 Afghanistan
- Platz 147 Russland
- Platz 154 Irak
- Platz 163 China

auf Platz 168 (und letzter Platz) Nordkorea

Die kompletten Index Listen

Freitag, November 04, 2005

China Internet User Exceeded 103 Million

Paul quotes Mao Qian, head of Optical Telecommunications Committee of China Telecommunications Society, in the People's Daily Online, with

- the number of netizens in China rose to 103 million by late June 05, and

- 53 million Chinese users are on broadband connections

Paul Woodward was following up his post Asia's Web Population from yesterday, with some interesting ranking (which showed China still with 99,8 Mil. netizen)

Internet Users (in Mil.)

1 China 99,80
2 Japan 78,05
3 India 36,97
4 South Korea 31,67
5 Australia 13,01
6 Indonesia 12,86
7 Malaysia 10,04
8 Taiwan 9,52
9 Thailand 7,57
10 Philippines 5,96

Countries position, measured by penetration ... at Asia Business Media

Mittwoch, August 31, 2005

Zeitungsverlage und Fish4 bauen ihre Fuehrung im UK-Jobmarkt aus

Fish4 Jobs ist unbestritten Marktführer im UK-Jobmarkt. Die Gesellschafter von Fish4 sind vier regionale Zeitungsgruppen, darunter Trinity Mirror . Trinity hat jetzt wieder zugeschlagen. Gaapweb (der führende Nischenanbieter im Bereich Finanz- und Buchhaltungsjobs) geht für 10,45 Mio. UKP an Trinity Mirror (und wenn die Ergebnisse stimmen, noch einmal 2,6 Mio.).

Trinity's Wettbewerber DMGT's hatte sich eine Woche vorher die Spezialjobbörsen Officerecruit und Top-consultant für 4,1 Mio. einverleibt.

Damit ist ziemlich eindeutig. Die UK-Zeitungsverlage haben sich das Job-Business zurückerobert und der Launch eigener regionaler oder Nischen-Jobsites (Medical jobs (, Secretarial jobs ( stabilisieren das Wachstum und streuen das Risiko.

Deutsche Zeitungsverlage pflegen da doch eher ein gemächliches Tempo.

Um tausend Ecken (und über Australien) herum bin ich verwandt mit Cliff Ollson (leider ohne jede finanzielle Beteiligung) und nun hat sich nach mehr Jahren mein Ratschlag an seinen Partner Mark Wainwright "die Braut zu putzen" dann doch gelohnt.

Und, wenn immer der Namen Jonathan Turpin auftaucht (dem GF von Fish4) erinnere ich mich an einen (ca. 14 jährigen) Jungen, der hoch intelligent, sehr ernst und mit großer Begeisterung an allen Computern herumspielte, die ich ihm in meiner damaligen Firma bieten konnte.

Montag, Mai 16, 2005

Creative Commons Explaint - The Movie

Lawrence Lessing shares "a cool educational clip" from CC Australia about the Basics of Creative Commons.

Quicktime Movie Download (13,3 MB)