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Montag, Februar 02, 2009

Barack Obama verpflichtet Katie Jacobs Stanton als Director of Citizen Participation

Im März 2009 wird sie Google verlassen und ihren neuen Job im Whitehouse antreten. Bei Google war Katie im Bereich New Business Development als Google Moderator und PM tätig, u.a. in Projekten wie OpenSocial, Elections und Open Government (mehr zu Katie auf ihrem LinkedIn Profil).

Vielleicht sollte Steffen Büffel (Was machen deutsche Tageszeitungen im Netz), Leander Wattig (Social Media Marketing der Verlage im deutschsprachigen Raum)und andere einmal untersuchen, welche Zeitungsredaktion, welche Magazinredaktion oder welches Online-Portal einen oder mehrere Citizen Editor oder Partizipations Editor eingestellt hat und ob diese Sitz und Stimme in der Redaktion haben ... [uu fragen welche Regierung, Minister, Partei, Politiker einen solchen 'Näher am Bürger Direktor hat, schenke ich mir].

via D|All Things Digital

Frühere Einträge
Stellenbeschreibung Citizen Editor

Journalism is heading towards Citizen Journalism

mehr auf dieser Site zu Citizen Journalismus

Sonntag, Januar 11, 2009

Antetype Citizen Journalism Site OhmyNews Stops Paying Contributors

for its international site OMNI. The (small, Cybercash) fee is replaced by a (small) prize schema whereas each month the top 3 articles (measured by the buzz it creates) receive a reward for first place 300.000 (about 165 Euro) and second and third 100.000 (about 55 Euro) Korean Won.

In the announcement Jean K. Min is asking contributors for some understanding "... Unfortunately, times are tough for most media outlets globally and OhmyNews is not immune to these financial pressures ...", but argues also, that by removing the Cybercash fee OhmyNews International can in future publish more article and the (small) financial reward was never the main motivation for contributors to write for OhmyNews ... more on

Earlier entry:
Gratification Factors & Motivation of Citizen Journalists (14-Nov-2006)

All entries on OhmyNews (14)

Sonntag, Dezember 21, 2008

Media Re:public Report: The Digital Media Coming of Age

Media re:public from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University released their research papers, contributions from media experts and four case studies.

Overview by Persephone Miel and Robert Faris
News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age
52 pages, PDF

Ethan Zuckerman
International News: Bringing about the Golden Age

Dan Gillmor
Principles for a New Media Literacy

Pat Aufderheide/Jessica Clark
Public Broadcasting and Public Affairs: Opportunities and challenges for public broadcasting’s role in provisioning the public with news and public affair

Ernest Wilson III
Digital Media, Democracy and Diversity: an Imperfect Discourse

John Kelly
Pride of Place: Mainstream Media and the Networked Public Sphere

Tom Stites
Editors — the best is yet to come?

Persephone Miel and Robert Faris
A Typology for Media Organizations


iReport: Participatory Media Joins a Global News Brand
The Chi-Town Daily News: Creating a New Supply of Local News
by Matt Hampel

The Gothamist Network: Gateway to Local News?
by Dan J. Levy

The Forum, Deerfield, NH: Seeking Sustainability in Hyperlocal Journalism
by Khadija Amjad

All papers are free to download on the Media re:public Download page

via Dan Gillmor on Center for Citizen Media

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Montag, Oktober 20, 2008

Bürgerjournalismus im Netz, TV und Print

Früher konnte man Amateurjournalisten noch als harmlos belächelen, heute sind sie (leider) eine Realität, die (leider) nicht mehr verschwinden mag ... von Thomas Schuler auf

Ja, so ist das, irgend jemand muss ja die Themen anfassen ... die die Bürger berühren (aber auch die 'alte Bedeutung', dass Journalisten für die Bürger schreiben, wäre einen Versuch Wert.)

"Vor 15Jahren verstand er unter Public oder Civic Journalism das Bemühen von Journalisten, Interessen der Leser stärker zu beachten. [Jay] Rosen wollte mehr auf die Anliegen der Bürger eingehen. Journalismus sollte nicht nur über Probleme berichten, sondern auch Lösungen bieten.

Samstag, Oktober 04, 2008

Journalist's Take on the challenge of Social Media - Save Your Ass

Actually, I have no idea why (and how) journalism should save the world. And I am not so sure either, whether I find this desirable at all. But journalism is an art, an hopefully useful set of skills, so let them join in and network.

Charlie Beckett wrote a book on Networked Journalism. It is called

Super Media
Saving Journalism so it can save the world

ISBN: 978-1405179232

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why We Must Save Journalism So that Journalism Can Save the World.
1. "Help! Help! Who Will Save Us?": The New Media Landscape.
2. "Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No! It's SuperMedia!": Networked Journalism.
3. "Will Nobody Do Anything to Help?": Networked Journalism and Politics.
4. Fighting Evil: Terror, Community, and Networked Journalism.
5. We Can All be Super Heroes: Networked Journalism in Action: Editorial Diversity and Media Literacy.

It is, as Adrian Monck, head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing, City University, London says, a serious, accessible introduction to the challenges facing contemporary journalism, intellectually and professionally. And Jeff Jarvis, blogger and professor, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism likes it because it favors the idea and practice of networked journalism. Richard Sambrook, BBC News that 'This important book charts a course through journalism's current crises of Trust, Economics and Technology and points to a way of reconnecting with a broad social purpose.'

So I pass on their recommentation more

Sonntag, September 28, 2008

OhmyNews Japan has finally been closed...

via / more at GlobalVoices:

"At the end of August, 2008, OhmyNews, the citizen journalism site from South Korea that entered the Japanese market in 2006 with much fanfare, closed its doors.

First officially announced on February 22, 2006, and launched shortly thereafter with help from the Japanese media giant Softbank and an investment contract valued at 1.3 billion yen [US$11 million], OhmyNews had a rough ride in Japan right from the beginning ...

Many Japanese bloggers reflected on the rise and fall of OhmyNews Japan, and on why the citizen journalism project failed ... One blogger points out that while the editor-in-chief was earning 30 million yen [about 300,000 USD] annually, and the copy editors 10 million yen [100,000 USD], writers were only paid 300 yen per piece, and argues ..." more

Through changing (political) conditions in Korea since the start of OhmyNews South Korea in 2000, there are lots of problems also in the homeland and the "much grander plan [after the Start in Japan] and want the OhmyNews model to go around the world with OhmyNews as the center of a worldwide network of citizen journalism" will be over.

Citizen Journalism must come from, with and through the citizen and serve the urgent need / want of citizen ... a purpose citizen acknowledge, love, hate, ..

Biz Problems At and With OhmyNews

More posts about OhmyNews

Samstag, September 27, 2008

Debating Citizen Journalism on Al Jazeera (Video)

"This week, we have put together a special broadcast focusing on what's possibly one of the most debated news trends and one of the most well-known, citizen journalism. Critics call it journalism on the cheap, unskilled hacks putting out stories that are heavy on opinion and light on fact. According to those championing amateur reporters, it is a way to keep mainstream media honest and in some cases, it's just about the only way to get a story out."

via JD Lasica: The impact of citizen journalism

Freitag, Juni 20, 2008

Huffington Post starts with Local News in Chicago

Jemima Kiss writes on the

"The Huffington Post is planning to expand into local news across the US, founder Arianna Huffington said last night, beginning with a site edited for the community of Chicago.

Huffington said the Chicago site would aggregate news, sports, crime, arts and business news from different local sources as well as contributions from bloggers in what will be the first of a series of projects in "dozens of US cities". The Chicago site will initially be curated by just one editor ..." more

Mittwoch, Juni 18, 2008

OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum 2008 Program

Only 9 days to go, OhmyNews announced the program details for the fourth annual OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum 2008 in Seoul (June 27, 2008)

"This year's forum will focus on "Candlelight 2008" (more about the Candlelight Vigils) and its effects on media leadership. Korean media outlets that engaged with the "Candlelight 2008" both directly and indirectly, will actively debate related issues in live-Webcast panels over the course of 10 hours. This forum will be simultaneously translated into English and be broadcast live to an international audience through OhmyTV. Netizens will be able to participate through a special online debate forum ..."

The program, speakers and more

Donnerstag, Juni 05, 2008 launched Local News Site Marseille a PRO-AM site (see our links Citizen Journalism Projects FR) goes Marseille

Quote Pierre Haski:
"You take a city like Marseille, which has a very specific economic and cultural life and a very strong civic society, and you can replicate the idea of participation on the site" ...

via / more at

If it works, it might be not the last city on Rue89

Montag, Mai 05, 2008

Citizen Journalism Site SKOEPS is closing

after failing to find a viable financial model for SKOEPS and as we all know, advertising as sole revenue stream is not enough to support such an ambitious venture. SKOEPS, a joint venture between PcM Uitgevers and Talpa Media, claimed to have 7,500 registered contributors and contracted about 0,5 Mio. Euro advertising in 2007.


Donnerstag, April 03, 2008 findet einen Investor

Über Madsack MediaLab investiert in die Heimat, genauer gesagt in (Print & Online Venture) von Gogol Medien. Könnte spannend werden, wenn, ja wenn "nicht alles beim Alten bleiben sollte".

WUV bezieht sich auf eine Aussage von Andreas Arntzen, dem Geschäftsführer 'Elektronische Medien' der Madsack Verlagsgruppe, der die (Minderheit-)Beteiligung bestätigt habe ... mehr auf WUV

Früherer Eintrag:
myheimat Bürgerjournalismus Online & Print

Andere Madsack MediaLab Beteiligungen:

DOC Insider


Donnerstag, März 13, 2008

TVN24 (Poland) adds User-generated Video

via Tomasz Albecki (per eMail)

The first Polish TV channel TVN24 has started to use Video content from citizen journalists / their viewer ... they were also frontrunner in including Blogs on their portal.

Link Kontakt TVN24

Dienstag, März 04, 2008

Citizen Journalism Project Lithuania:

Recently a new - and according to Tomek Albecki (editor-in-chief / - the first real Lithuanian citizen journalism site started:

Coordinator of is Tomas Aleksiejunas

As I don’t read and understand Lithuanian, so I quote (and extract) some statements about the project from Tomek's eMail:

The project in Lithuanian is in an early stage. Until now, they have 40+ authors who published at least one article and 100 registered member or 'could-be-authors' and looking for more.

If we touch at some of the more controversial topic in our country, then we attract high interest and higher traffic. E.g. there were some articles about gays and we got a huge discussions and series of articles - for and against.

We tried to provide information for the target groups (politicians, non profit organizations), who could be interested in publishing their opinions in The first responses were very warm and good. They wrote articles, but the problem is that they are often ‘too serious’. The mainstream audience likes blood, celebrities and something like that, but we do not have such articles (yet).

As all Lithuanian larger news portals (,,,, have (separate) sections for citizen opinions, getting the word out about this initiative and developing traffic was not so easy. has a daily Lithuanian blog review - so we can network and help each other to grow readership.

Tomek Albecki runs also the Polish Citizen Journalism project

Dienstag, Februar 26, 2008

Neil Thurman on the adoption of user generated content initiatives by UK online news media

Neil Thurman (from the City University London, Journalism & Publishing) reports on success and failure of User-generated-Content initatives at,, the BBC News website,,,,, and Associated New Media ...

From the abstract at the sage journal online

"The mainstream online news media face accusations of being slow to respond to so-called `grassroots' or `citizen journalism', which uses the world wide web, and in particular blogs and wikis, to publish and promote independent news-related content. This article argues that the adaptation of established news websites to the increasing demand from readers for space to express their views is driven as much by local organizational and technical conditions as it is by any attachment to traditional editorial practices. The article uses qualitative research interviews with the editors and managing editors of nine major British news websites to reveal the debates journalists are having about their changing roles, the challenges of meeting commercial expectations and legal obligations, and the innovations taking place in online newsrooms. It provides journalism and interactive media scholars with case studies on the changes taking place in journalism's relationship with its consumers ..."

The preprint version is free (PDF, 30 pages) Final version subscription only

Earlier Posting (Neil's pre-version)
Warum Zeitschriften online nicht in die Gänge kommen

Montag, Februar 11, 2008

Y! live Citizen Broadcast - the world is watching

o.k. not exactly. Right know there are 387 people watching ... 31 Live Channels ...

more | more technically

Der Schockwellenreiter (via) fragt ist das nun Bürgerfernsehen und zeigt, wie andere auch, kentbrew's aired broadcast vom US Wahlkampf ...

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Samstag, Februar 02, 2008

Limiting Legal Risk - some great advice not only for Citizen Journalist

but also for the New York Times or the Süddeutsche Zeitung, for Bild respectively Bildblog and/or Robert Basic ... from the Knight Citizen News Network and CUNY Journalism School / Prof. Geanne Rosenberg

Writing, Pictures, Video, Exercises, Quizzes and more to avoid ...


CUNY Journalism School Press release

(Cross-posted at Hugo E. Martin on Media, Marketing & Internet)

Limiting Legal Risk - some great advice not only for Citizen Journalists

but also for the New York Times or the Süddeutsche Zeitung, for Bild respectively Bildblog and/or Robert Basic ... from the Knight Citizen News Network and CUNY Journalism School / Prof. Geanne Rosenberg

Writing, Pictures, Video, Exercises, Quizzes and more to avoid ...


CUNY Journalism School Press release