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Donnerstag, September 09, 2010

Content Marketing Like a Pro

Unternehmen und Organisationen machen heute genau dass, was Verleger (bisher) auch tun. Sie publizieren und verbreiten Inhalte und bieten Marketing-Services an. Egal ob Kundenmagazine, Website, Direct Marketing, Newsletter, ePapers, Lead Generation, SEM/SEO, Blogs, Webinare, Videocasts, Events, Social Media Pages und Networks, Market Intelligence, usw.

Der Unterschied liegt im Ansatz der Monetarisierung. Die Verlage finanzieren sich über bezahlte und/oder gesponserte Inhalte sowie die Mediabudgets der Werbetreibenden und die Unternehmen und Organisationen über den Verkauf von Produkten und Dienstleistungen sowie dem Marketing- und Verkaufsförderungsbudget des Unternehmens.

Unternehmen und Organisationen brauchen dafür eigenes und fremdes Know-how und eigene oder fremde Ressourcen. Da könnten die Verlage und insbesondere B2B Verlage, gebeutelt vom Nullwachstum oder/und Rückgang der Werbeeinnahmen als Dienstleister ihre Expertise und Dienste anbieten, tun dies aber nur sehr zögerlich oder mit der Maßgabe, dass bisherige Angebote sakrosankt sind und in keinem Fall einer Gefahr ausgesetzt werden dürfen.

Diesen Raum (von Lücke kann man da nur noch verniedlichend sprechen) haben verlagsfremde Anbieter längst genutzt und was viele Verlage ohne Rücksicht auf Kosten und Sinn versuchen zusammenzuhalten, ist längst dilutet und die Budgets anderweitig verteilt.

Und nun? Wie gehts, wenn sich die (B2B) Verlage weiter standhaft verweigern oder zu vernünftigen Angeboten gezwungen werden müssen?

Related from Foliomag: by Matt Kinsmann

Publishers adapt to a new business model - The Shift to Marketing Services

Dienstag, August 03, 2010

B2B Media companies grapple with growing pains of custom media

but don't care about their 'friends', 'clients' and 'financier' needs and wants.

According to the online survey (taken at the Custom Media Day), respondents are spending roughly a quarter of their budgets on custom content. And B2B media companies in parting, swing their hats ... ... B2B publishers don't care

While 79% of respondents are using social media tools to market custom content, just 25% said those tools are effective. Additionally, 51% use blogs, but only 25% said that they are effective; 75% use article postings, but only 40% said that they are effective ... B2B publishers don't care

The biggest challenges to custom media players are producing “engaging” content (36%) and producing enough content (21%), the survey found ... B2B publishers don't care

Survey, which will be released in early August more

Freitag, Oktober 23, 2009

HP's Push für Custom-Created Magazines und Print-on-Demand

HP's und Wikia kooperieren zukünftig und bieten Wikia's Inhalte-Produzenten und Nutzern (Prosumern) und den mehr als 50.000 Communities von Wikia einen einfachen Weg über MagCloud [on-Demand Publishing Service] Magazine und Publikationen zu produzieren, den Wikia Magazine Creator

More on Wikia: How to create you own magazine

Jimmy Wales Blogeintrag zu dem Deal 'Is the Magazine Dead'

News release:
HP Brings Magazine Publishing to Wikia Through New MagCloud Collaboration

Gleichzeitig kündigt HP dass der BookPrep Service in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bibliothek der Universität von Michigan 472.509 vergriffene / out of Print Werke für Print-on-Demand verfügbar machen und für den Verkauf anbieten wird.

Mehr zu HP IdeaLab's BookPrep

News release:
HP Makes Rare and Hard-to-find Books Available Through Collaboration with University of Michigan

via usatoday technology live blog

Freitag, April 17, 2009

CPC/Roper Public Affairs: Custom Media Information More Appealing Than Ads

via eMail from Center for Media Research Research Brief 16-April-2009, written by Jack Loechner

From the results of the CPC/Roper Public Affairs survey:

Considering custom publications
36% of consumers at least occasionally look at the electronic custom publications they receive
59% of consumers who said, at a minimum, they occasionally pick up and look through print custom publications

Considering custom publications related to their work
56% of these respondents said they would rather receive a print version
37% said they would rather receive publications electronically

Other findings
68% of respondents say that information about products in custom publications help them make better purchase decisions
63% say they have bought something they saw mentioned or advertised in a custom publication
78% say that custom publications indicate companies are interested in building good relationships with consumers
70% like custom publications because they provide articles and information targeted to the reader's specific interests
66% say they are likely to buy from the same company that provided them with a custom publication

Electronic custom publications
45% feel that electronic custom publications provide a valuable service
57% of those aged 18-34 say electronic custom publications provide a valuable service.

more at CPC Custom Publishing Council Website

Sonntag, September 21, 2008

min's Marketing Masters in Publishing

mit den Gewinnern (und ehrenhaft Erwähnten) von Publikumszeitzschriften, Newsmagazinen und Fachmedien.

In den Kategorien
Integrated Marketing Teams
Custom-Publishing Projects
Customized Web Site/Microsite
Multiple Magazine Title Program
New Event Program
Online Event
Print/Online Bundle
Print Bundles: TV/Video/Mobile
Retail/Merchandising Tie-in
Special Advertorial Section
Total Integrated Program: Consumer
Total Integrated Program: B2B
Top Integrated Marketer


Ich weiß nicht wie hoch die Eintrittsgebühr für diesen Award war, aber im 28-seitigen Booklet (auf nxtbook basis), finden sich für Marketing und Vertriebsleute sicher einige nützliche Ideen und Tipps ... reinschauen (lädt Player und Booklet)

Mittwoch, April 16, 2008

Custom Publishing Opportunities und Usage 2008 (US)

BtoB magazine and Junta42 found in a survey with 150 marketing decision makers in March, 2008, that

- on average 29,42 % of their total marketing budget for 2008 goes to the creation and execution of customer content (which is an increase to earlier finding for 2007 by the Custom Publishing Council)

- that 42 % surveyed increased and 12 % decreased custom content spending (46 % unchanged)

Interesting also, which means of custom publishing they use ...

And where to marketers find custom content providers

- Search Engines - 30%
- Ask Colleagues/Friends - 28%
- Use Internal Resources to Produce the Project - 15,3%
- Industry Magazine/Website - 12,7%
- Go to my Agency - 10,7%
- Hire a Consultant - 3,3%


by Adam Dewitz on The Print CEO Blog

After thought:
So communication and advertising can address their message directly to their publics and invite a conversation without third party and publishers. We see that authors / content creator have now many ways to publish paid & unpaid to the public without a middle man publishers and (I hope we understand that) readers / user also have many ways to cut out the traditional middle man and conversate directly with the creators ... so we either can either joint this conversation with something valuable or to be in a snit mood and standing outside such conversations and opportunities.

Dienstag, Mai 23, 2006

BookSurge (Amazon) Offers Print-on-Demand for Publishers

from the internet retailer (19-May-2006)

" Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary BookSurge LLC are launching a new print-on-demand program designed to help book publishers sell lower-volume titles more economically. The books are printed as they are ordered, giving publishers a way to bring back out-of-print titles and introduce new lower-volume titles [...]

BookSurge for a limited time will provide discounted book-scanning services with no upfront investment to the publisher and free set-up for titles with print-on-demand-ready digital files, [...]

The Print-on-Demand Scene is heading up. PoD is not restricted to the entry-level of book publishing, small-number publishing, back-listed and out-listed book publishing, it will change and comfort the transition to a 'more digital world' - You might like it or not!

What can be beneficial for authors, readers and publishers, will change the world of producing and distributing 'book selling' ... . We have already seen PoD solution in newsprint, custom-publishing, etc. and we will see many more (incl. magazines, part-work, loose-leaf).

via MarketingVOX (22-May-2006)

When will Amazon deliver this service in Europa? is since March 2006 in UK and Germany active.

Some background:
Amazon bought BookSurge last Spring (2005) -
before Amazon: Quote from

"BookSurge ..."The parent company of (see below) and (also see below), it is attempting to build the world's largest ebookstore. It currently publishes 1500 titles via its own imprints and distributes another 5,000 titles from more than 250 other publishers. In June 2002, they announced a partnership with R.R. Bowker to provide POD books via,, and other Bowker web sites. They now provide full-color POD printing [...]"

Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

Change Ahead in Ad Spending - The Picture

This snapshot shows what Ad Agency expected ... (at a given time)

What do you think? Which bar represent the following means of advertising?

A.) B2B Magazine Advertising
B.) Ads in Economic Magazines
C.) Congress, Events
D.) Custom publishing
E.) Direct Marketing
F.) Exhibition
G.) Internet Marketing

What would be your best guess about coming changes? ....

(If you comment, please tell from which corner of the business you are!)

Sonntag, Dezember 18, 2005

Reminder: VSS's 2005 Communications Industry Forecast

As the link on our August 2005 Blog entry 'VSS 19th Annual Communications Industry Forecast 2005 Out' does not work anymore, we use Folio: article (12-Dec-2005) to remind (and update the link) on some highlights from the VSS 2005 Communications Industry Forecast

- The average person will consume 10 hours of media a day by 2009, with home video, consumer Internet and wireless media predicted to see the largest hourly gains.

- Digital-based media forecast to drive average annual consumer spending on media over the 1,000 USD threshold in 2009 for the first time

- E-media will continue to be the fastest growing sub segment of the b-to-b media market, with projected growth of 26,5 percent in 2005.

- Custom publishing spending is expected to grow at double-digit rates annually due to interest in 'establishing solid business relationships' and a transition from short newsletters to four-color magazines.

- Internet advertising, driven by keyword search ads and rich media, is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 24 percent over the next five years.

- Communications industry expected to top a trillion dollars by 2009, becoming the fourth largest and fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy.

More on ad spending, tradeshows & events, product placement in Folio: or directly at VSS.