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Donnerstag, Juni 18, 2009

Harvard Study Finds Weaker Copyright Protection Has Benefited Society

via Ralph Sonntag and Michael Geist (more)

A new Harvard Business School working paper 'File Sharing and Copyright' by Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Koleman Strumpf raises (again) some important points for the discussion about file sharing, copyright, and the overall benefits to society.

From the findings

- no indicates that file sharing has discouraged creativity, just the opposite

- often downloaded songs do not represent a lost sale, mashups may increase the market for the original work, and the entertainment industry can steer up consumer attention

- file sharing may not reduce incentives to create, if the willingness to pay for "complements" increases as rising income from performances and author speaker suggest (see chart below)

'The Geography of File Sharing' (2007)
Source: Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf (2007) - cut

'Source of Artist income 2002'
in Mio. USD (cut from a list of 35 artists)
Source: Connolly and Krueger (2006)

the 46 pg. paper includes a great collection of literature and studies on the subject

Harvard Business School working paper 'File Sharing and Copyright' (PDF)

Sonntag, Dezember 07, 2008

Der feine Unterschied zwischen Legal und Bezahlt

Aus der Pressemitteilung des BITKOM Verbands Neuer Rekord: 220 Millionen Euro Umsatz mit Downloads machen die Kollegen von Heise online Bitkom: Zahl der legalen Downloads erreicht Rekordniveau, ganz so als ob (und nur) bezahlte Downloads immer legal seien und nicht kostenpflichtige Downloads immer illegal seien ... also hier die Grafik zu den von der GfK ermittelten Umsätze für 'bezahlten' Downloads

Freitag, Februar 15, 2008

CDs, DVDs, die Musikindustrie und die Störche

Swen Emmerling beleuchtet verschiedene Einflussfaktoren, welche die Umsatzeinbrüche in der Musikindustrie beeinflussen könnten und bleibt nicht bei der Erklärung stehen, das 'Raubkopien' das einzige Problem der Musikbranche sind.

"In 1997 erwirtschaftete die Musikindustrie den Rekordumsatz von über 2,5 Mrd Euro, 2006 waren es nur noch 1,55 Mrd, also ca. 40% weniger. Die Musikindustrie fand schnell die Ursache: Raubkopien ... "

Mehr über die Drittvariablen in der Krise des Musikgeschäfts auf Phlow

Dienstag, Juli 03, 2007 Down, MP3sparks Up, iTunes ...

Update: (und damit endet auch die Berichterstattung zu diesem Vorgang)
nachdem MP3sparks down ist gibt es jetzt

Nach fast einem Jahr is jetzt vom Netz und MP3sparks online

vom gleichen Unternehmen, MediaServices Moskau, wie Guardian Unlimited: im technology blog heute berichtet und mit den gleichen Argumenten, warum der Vertrieb unter russischem Recht legal sei (The Times, UK).

Nowaja Gaseta schreibt dazu (5-June-2007):
On Tuesday, the official information agency reported the closure of the musical online-magazina Officially, it was closed by Russian authorities because of pressure from the United States.

Although not violated Russian legislation , the rest of the world believe it pirated. The reason is that the existing law on copyright and related rights web does not necessarily enter into a contract directly with the copyright holder, but rather to agree with the so-called collective rights management societies.These companies may license for the sale of tracks even those performers with whom they have not been contracted for a virtual music seller enough time to allocate the money. Thus, the value of a music file to was 0,1-0,2 $ 0.9 to $ iTunes from their main competitor in the international market for music online.

But MediaServices company, which owned the site, was not thinking changed hosts, opening a portal-old identical So once again you can buy almost any track records for the 10 American cents. " more (in Russian language)

Passt gut zu der Meldung der New York Times, dass Vivendi's Universal Music Group Apple informiert hat, dass man den Vertrag über die Vertriebsrechte via iTunes nicht verlängern wird.
Selbermachen steht an ...

Donnerstag, Juni 21, 2007

Great Whitepaper on Social Media and Web 2.0

Trevor Cook & Lee Hopkins released yesterday an updated version of their whitepaper

An introduction to the power of Web2.0

with a lot of updates on the new stuff!

- Introduction
- Web2.0 and collaboration
- Why blog?
- Web feeds (RSS and other geeky stuff)
- Some corporate blog examples
- Podcasting for business
- Twitter and Jaiku
- Facebook
- Second Life and 3D virtual worlds
- Wikis
- Blog writing tips
- Where to go to get started

Download (F.O.C)