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Dienstag, September 24, 2013

IAB and Ovum Study: Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising in 2013 and beyond

According to the IAB / Ovum Study brand marketers budget increased 142 % between 2011 and 2013,  and it is expected that it will continue to grow rapidly for years to come ... more [PM].

Some Highlights from the 2013 Study:

The Mobile Advertising Study Word Cloud 

Sonntag, Dezember 19, 2010

360i's Mobile Marketing Playbook

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360i's Mobile Marketing Playbook                                                                                                                                   

Mittwoch, Februar 03, 2010

Mobile: The World of Browser-Based Sites and Mobile Apps

via / more from Richard MacManus on ReadWriteWeb
Mobile search company Taptu has released a detailed report showing that the future of the Mobile Web is likely to be dominated by cross-platform browser-based mobile web sites - rather than apps built specifically for iPhone, Android, or any other platform. Taptu calls the former "the Mobile Touch Web", which it defines as "Web sites created for mobile touchscreen devices, with finger-friendly layouts and lightweight pages that are fast to load over cellular networks."
Taptu estimates that there are 326,000 Mobile Touch Web sites, 148,000 iPhone apps, and 24,000 apps in the Android market and that the browser-based mobile web market will grow much faster than the apps market.

More on RWW
Mobile touch sites by categories
Comparison by categories App's store vs. Mobile Touch Web

Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2008

TNS Infratest: Gender & Mobile Internet

Aus ihrer Mobile Internet Benchmarking Studie 2008 veröffentlichte tns infratest, was 161 weibliche und 449 männlichen Wesen so alles auf mobilen Plattformen treiben.

Männer bis 30 können den Frauen das Wasser nicht reichen

Frauen nutzen Mobile Internet Portale weniger häufig als die männliche Spezies nur beim Chatten sind liegen sie vorn und beim Suchen, Netzwerken und Wetterbericht checken mehr oder weniger gleich auf.

Die Pressemitteilung von tns infratest

Sonntag, September 28, 2008

Die Wünsche der 'was-mit-Medien'-Menschen an ihr Mobile

Peter Turi fragte 20 Menschen, die beruflich was mit Medien machen, nach ihren Wünschen für das 'ideale Handy' ... hier

Vergleicht man dies 'Wünsche' mit dem was Medien heute im Bereich Mobile machen (anbieten), wundert man sich nicht ...

Dienstag, Juni 17, 2008

Google Dominates Mobile Search

according to Nielsen Mobile Google captured 61 % of the market (Jan - Apr 2008), Yahoo! is second with 18 %, and MSN third with just 5 % - but, Users are not too happy with their experience on either of them ... more

Sonntag, April 13, 2008

Mobile Search Forecasts 2008-2013

Direct revenue will grow from 1.5 Mrd. USD to 4.8 Mrd. USD in 2013, an average annual growth rate of 27 %. The strongest performer will be general web search and local search.

Forecast in Mio. USD according to Juniper Research

More Information / Whitepaper