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Freitag, Februar 27, 2015

Start-up Tour Berlin by Future Media Lab & VDZ Akademie 26./27. February 2015 (II.)

Yesterday evening I attend the Start-off session of the Start-up tour of the Future Media Lab and VDZ Akademie in Berlin, which will continue today with visits to, insides from

Building and offering a filter to the real-time information flow, to lift the relevance to the user

One to Smile
Add-on for personalizing display ads and pictures with the name of / short messages for the recipient

A bid management tool, optimizing Google AdWords campaigns

Microsoft Venture Accelerator

Marketer specialized Online Video advertising and content syndication

Offers summaries of great nonfiction books' key insights in non-fiction books on smart phones, tablets (and the web)

and the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Since I've done dozens of startups as founder or co-founder, on my own, within companies and later as consultant and mentor in different areas, I used the opportunity to get a sense on the motivation, attitude and readiness - of quite a mixed crowds - on innovation (the role of startups and startup mood in Germany) and the urge on doing 'something', going forward.

Tobias Szarowicz (German Assocation Startups) gave a brief overview of the startup scene in Germany (see #DSM German Startup Monitor) and we learn that Berlin has by far the most startups in Germany and Hamburg the most successful startups. Directed towards the representative of the European Commission CNECT und Future Media Lab he elaborated on the obstacles Startups encounter and requirements for a strong, favorable startup facilitations and startup culture matching or overtaking California Silicon Valley and/or Israel’s Silicon Wadi.

Back to last night:

Four startups have explained their 'invention / solution', their business and business model and the benefits they offer for the publishing / media industry. Here shortly noticed the three, I find relevant in this context:

LATERPAY presented by the founder and CEO Cosmin Ene

Micro payment (and more) for digital content journalistic, entertainment & games

It takes some important hurdles out of micro payments (for the user and for the provider); it makes micro payment more economical for content providers (and service provider)

Advice for publishers: try it out, as one first easy step for getting paid, testing the value of content and willingness for people to pay, if you have substantial number of visitors coming via search, social media. Laterpay does not replace all other payment option, especially if you can sell and build on subscription, offer verticals, special interest and very special interest, for the user who would be predestined to join the community (but might be a lead into subscription, membership and up selling)

Advice for the vendor: don't try to be the "swiss army knife" of payment! Be superb in one thing, do what you can do best! Think about offering a white label offering for integration

NewsRepublic presented by the country director Germany / Spain Stefan Lange

Sophisticated news reader apps for mobiles, wearables. Syndicates News from vendors and offers them a 50/50 advertising revenue sharing model

Benefits for publishers: Extent the reach of your content, your brand, make some additional ad revenue and collect and regain 'passing by users' for you news site, news products and services. Hopefully a good way to spread your content on new devices (wearables)

Advice for vendors: add some means / lasso function for original content publisher to address users of their content, send traffic back to the publisher, think about in-app sales for contractors

sensorberg presented by the founder and CEO Alexander Oelling

This innovative vendor is facilitating a new platform for content and adverting, offering (and selling) the concept and management software, tools to build your BEACON network and networks of networks

Advice for publishers: Understand here comes a new content & advertising distributed media platform which offers you (additional) media usage time from people with bluetooth devices and in the reach of BEACON region / network you booked and have to pay for. It is a new business platform; you need to learn to play and not just appendage to your existing business. People using a BEACON-based platform have no desire, need and time to read your print magazine, or visit your news platform (often financed via advertising)

Advice for vendors: maybe later, inPerson ;)

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Montag, Juli 07, 2008

Tipps für Freunde von Broadsheet Newspapers

Heute ein ganz praktischer Tipp für alle die ihre gute alte Zeitung in überfüllten U- und S-Bahnen, Zügen der DB und Flugzeugen lesen möchten (zugegeben schon ein wenig älter, wie auch das Großformat und Leseverhalten) von Real Simple

via Jeremy Wagstaff (der mutmaßt, dass diese Kunst mit ePaper-Lesegeräten wie Readius aussterben könnte)

Dienstag, August 07, 2007

The NYT Stops Charging Readers for Online Access to its Op-Ed

according to a New York Post story by Holly M. Sanders, the New York Times is poised to stop charging readers for online access to its Op-Ed columnists and other content
... after much internal debate, Times executives - including publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. - made the decision to end the subscription-only NYT TimesSelect service but have yet to make an official announcement, according to a source briefed on the matter ...


Earlier entry:
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How to Replace NYT's Behind the Wall Content

Freitag, Februar 23, 2007

Newsreader on Vista Technology - Seattle Post Intelligencer (and Others)

my first impression, the new (preview release) newsreader a step forward in user experience (easy navigation, indexing by article, etc.) and allows online and offline reading on your computer and mobile device ... as I have not Vista on my computers installed, here their description

from the Seattle PI intro:

- Seamless navigation: We've taken care to make the P-I Reader as accessible as possible. You can use a keyboard, mouse, D-pad, or even your computer's touch screen or remote control to navigate from section to section and story to story.

- Paginated articles: We think reading the news is much more interesting than wrestling with scroll bars. To get to the next section, article or page, you only need to press a single arrow key.

- Easier on the eyes: We've taken advantage of advances in on-screen reading technologies to make the reading experience as enjoyable as possible. Select the font size you prefer with the slider in the lower left corner of article pages.

- Follow the news on any size monitor: The P-I Reader automatically adapts to your screen size.

-Keep current with breaking stories: The P-I Reader automatically checks for news updates every hour when you’re online. You'll always be abreast of the latest developments.


via Susan Mernit's Blog

"Hearst Corporation's announced their committment to saving the print paradigm and bringing it warm and kicking into the digital world - a downloadable application that allows readers to view data both with and without a live connection.

Based on Windows Vista technology, the applet offers a fairly seamless push/pull technology for reading content and getting updates ..."

The New York Times, too

Daily Mail (UK)

Microsoft on the Forbes newsreader

Do you know about any implementation in Germany, yet?
(yes, for the time being it only runs this way on Microsoft Vista)