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Mittwoch, Februar 14, 2007

Zogby Poll: Most Say Bloggers & Citizen Reporter to Play Vital Role in Journalism's Future

From Zogby's news release (13-Feb-2007):

A majority of Americans (55%) in an online survey said bloggers are important to the future of American journalism and 74% said citizen journalism will play a vital role, a new WE Media/Zogby Interactive poll shows.

Most respondents (53%) also said the rise of free Internet-based media pose the greatest opportunity to the future of professional journalism and three in four (76%) said the Internet has had a positive impact on the overall quality of journalism

Nearly nine out of 10 media insiders (86%) said they believe bloggers will play an important part in journalism’s future.

More online respondents nationwide said the Internet was their top source of news and information (40%), followed by television (32%), newspapers (12%) and radio (12%). The youngest adults in our poll, those age 18-24, were far more likely to say they mostly get news from Internet sites – 58% said the Internet is their main destination for news, with television coming in second at 18%. Fewer than one in 10 in this age group said they get the majority of their news from newspapers.


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Freitag, Januar 12, 2007

Does Media Know: Bloggers and Journalists Are Not One

Joey Alarilla wrote at the CNETAsia Babelmachine and (before on his Blog):

"Right now, we're seeing two kinds of responses (from old media). One response is apparently

- Old Media thinking: "Hey, I have these popular columnists or newscasters. I'm sure they'll also be a hit as bloggers."

The other is

- Old Media taking in more bloggers so as to attract new readers, the idea presumably being that the blogger will know what the new audience wants, and that he will bring along loyal readers of his site who otherwise might never have been interested in the publication.

It will be interesting to see how this situation will play out, and I really don't see just one approach proving to be the right way to go. They might be stopgap measures, but they won't amount to much unless a publication reinvents itself for the Web. Still, I'd like to see media owners actually realizing when their old stars are not the ones best suited for the online world ..."

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Donnerstag, Januar 04, 2007

User-generated Content Good for Old Media

Kate Holton about Deloitte Media Trends 2007 on Reuters:

"Traditional media companies are ideally placed to benefit from the explosion of user-generated content and should see it as an opportunity and not a threat even though the potential revenue is limited, ..."


TMT Trends: Media Predictions 2007
The media sector's top trends (not yet, but 'later in January')

Last years Media Predictions (PDF, 20 pg. - for you to check)

Montag, Dezember 11, 2006

Packaged Goods Media vs. Conversational Media

In Packaged Goods Media vs. Conversational Media - Part One - John Battelle shares the following 'TOL' (Thinking Out Loud):

"There are two major forms of media these days.

There is Packaged Goods Media, in which "content" is produced and packaged, then sent through traditional distribution channels like cable, newsstand, mail, and even the Internet. Remember when nearly every major media mogul claimed that the Internet was simply one more media distribution channel? They were right, but only in so far as it pertains to Packaged Goods Media. Over the past few decades, massive media conglomerates have built on the deep DNA of Packaged Goods Media.

The second major form of media, is far newer, and far less established. I've come to call it Conversational Media, though I also like to call it Performance Media. This is the kind of media that has been labeled, somewhat hastily and often derisively, as "User Generated Content," "Social Media," or "Consumer Content."

And while the major media companies are unparalleled when it comes to running companies that live in the Packaged Goods Media world, running major companies in the Conversational Media field require quite a different set of skills, and consideration of radically different economic and business models - models which, to be perfectly frank, conflict directly with the models which support and protect Packaged Goods Media-based companies [...]


more to come (stay tuned)