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Donnerstag, Mai 31, 2007

Wie und Wo B2B Einkäufer im Internet suchen

Enquiro Search Solution hat eine Studie aus 2004 aktualisiert und beschreibt, wie B2B- Einkaufsentscheider und -vorbereiter im Zusammenhang mit Einkaufsentscheidungen im Internet suchen. Die größte Rolle spielen - wie schon in 2004 - die allgemeinen Suchmaschinen (e.g. Google) schon an zweiter Stelle kommen die Websites der Hersteller ...

Download Business-toBusiness Survey 2007
(nach Registrierung: PDF, 52 Seiten)


Nachtrag 1-Juni-2008
Suchmaschinenmarketing: Im B-to-B-Marketing spielt Google keine Rolle

Ganz anders, sehen das rund 200 Geschäftsführer sowie Marketing- und Vertriebsleiter - die bereits Suchmschinenmarketing betreiben, glaubt man den Ergebnissen einer Befragung durch Forsa im Auftrag des F.A.Z.-Instituts und der Business-Suchmaschine Wer liefert was? , Österreich und der Schweiz.

Aus den Ergebnissen (zitiert nach absatzwirtschaft):

94 % der B-to-B-Marketing- und Vertriebsentscheider (die Suchmaschinenmarketing betreiben) setzen auf Business-Suchmaschinen. Allgemeine Suchmaschinen begeistern nur jeden zweiten (Anmerkung: 59 % laut ECIN News 30-Mai-2007). Die Befragten geben daher 52 % ihres Online-Werbebudgets für Einträge bei Business-Suchmaschinen aus, für allgemeinen Suchmaschinen 13 % ... mehr

Da bleiben Fragen offen. Zum Beispiel:

- Lieferte etwa 'Wer liefert was? ihre Kundenadressen als Ausgangspunkt für die Adressenschöpfung?
- Dürfen Einkaufsentscheider eigentlich Google nutzen? Schaden sie damit ihrer Firma oder 'nur' dem Geschäftsmodell von eintragsfinanzierten Business-Suchmaschinen?
-Ist es an der Zeit, dass die Befragten Marketing- und Vertriebsleiter ihr Werbeausgabenstruktur überdenken?

Eine solche Untersuchung gab es doch schon einmal in 2005 (F.A.Z.-Institut, Wer liefert was? GmbH und Mummert Communications), ohne das sich die Einkäufer davon beindrucken haben lassen?

Montag, Oktober 30, 2006

B2B Publishing: Vertical Search Done Right

Russell Perkins (InfoCommerce Group Inc.) writes on MagazineEnterprice 360

"Unfortunately, I sense that the attraction of vertical search to some B2B publishers is that it looks simple and cheap. Get some search software (heck, Google will even license you theirs), index some stuff, and presto, you are a giant in vertical search. The reality is that you can and must do a lot more than that.

Here are some thoughts on what characteristics your vertical search offering should have if you really want to be a contender in the world of search ...

1) A well-developed strategy for identifying what third-party sites you are going to index ...

2) A serious taxonomy ...

3) Feature your own content ...

4) Go beyond the open web ...

5) Don’t forget reference information ...

6) Summarize, annotate, analyze, critique ...

7) Rate, rank, recommend ...

8) Add directory content ...

9) From their search engine to yours ...

10) Dare to be different ...

more at MagazineEnterprice 360

Dienstag, Juni 13, 2006

ABM Spring Meeting: Vertical Search, Going Digital, Tradeshows

Die Verband der amerikanischen Fachmedien 'American Business Media' hat einige Präsentationen des 2006 Spring Meeting (May 7 - 10) online zur Verfügung gestellt:


- Scott Moore (Yahoo) über die Yahoo's Content Strategy
- Sean Finnegan (OMD Digital) zur Digitalen Zukunft

Die Kurzpräsentationen zu den Podiumsdiskussionen

- Vertical Search
mit John Lervik (Fast), Doug Stotland ( Microsoft) und Jake Winebaum (

- Making the Digital Promise a Reality
mit Jason Young (Ziff Davis), Bob Maund (, Mitch Rauda (Hanley Wood) und Dan Schwartz (Digital Magazine News)

- Trade Shows: Bringing the brand to life
mit John Failla (VNU), Jason Young (Ziff Davis) und Bob Maund (BusinessWeek)


Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

Publishers Tackled Vertical Search Issues

Marie Griffin on B-to-B Online (23-May-2006) shares some urgent calls from the ABM - IDG Expo workshop

Vertical Search in the B-to-B Market

in New York, N.Y. on May 15th. E.g. Keynoter Mark Cordover ( (yes, he also wants to 'sell' his technology to as many publishers as possible) said ...

"Advertising dollars allocated to paid search overtake those allocated to online display advertising [...] "

Publisher know that (and feel it in their pockets, too), but don't care much. Or is it an act of charity towards this 'youngers'?

"Expounded on the provocative hypothesis that ubiquitous search is such a threat to b-to-b media companies that it could lead to the wholesale obliteration of your brand [...] "if b-to-b media companies continue to limit their search functionality to their own sites [...]"

More on B-to-B Online ...

Mission-critical - at least on our topic list -
Fachpresse Fachtagung Online verspricht Rezept für Milliardenumsätze
(William K. Furlong)

A Summary: Vertical Search Roundtable

One More Time about Vertical Search: Zibb

Mittwoch, Mai 17, 2006

One More Time about Vertical Search: Zibb

after Rollyo Search - VS Roundtable - Google Co-op (and many more ...)

Marie Griffin writes for all 'B2B publisher'
an introduction to Reed's 'Zibb' on b-to-b (16-May-2006)

Reed Business launches Zibb vertical search pure full (in Dutch of course) on EDN


"[...], a freestanding destination for global b-to-b search, made its debut in beta form on the site of EDN, Reed’s premier title in electronics. The plan is to roll out as a freestanding, international b-to-b search brand over the next several months [...] all Reed’s Web sites, which cover 40-plus vertical markets worldwide, will act together as an affiliate network" returns "results from Reed’s Web sites, databases and advertisers but also from the publisher’s competitors, other suppliers, blogs and anywhere else on the Web relevant business information may reside" [...]

Revenue for Service will come primarily from advertising ...

(and from ASP and sydication deals.)

More ...

Samstag, Mai 13, 2006

A Summary: Vertical Search Roundtable

via my blogger friend Colin Crawford on Colin's Corner

desilva+phillips (mediabankers) has edited and published a summary from the panel

Can Vertical Search Prosper in the Age of GYM (Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft) ? (PDF)

held at the DeSilva + Phillips 2006 Media Dealmakers Summit with Colin (IDG), Eric Shanfelt , (Penton) and Mitch Rouda (Hanley Wood).

Quote from Colin:

"The goal [of Vertical Search] is to pull together the content from your editors and from your vendors, and most importantly from your knowledgeable user base. So if you’re looking for a product, you do your research but then you ask people who have perhaps bought that product in the past to give you their advice. This deep type of involvement in special-interest areas is not something the general search engines can offer."

My answer would have been: Sure it can and it will prosper! The open question is, whether vertical search it will prosper as an integrated business of the GYM's or as progressive, developing and integrated business for the more 'traditional publishers and b2b service provider?

The following chart is about US, not Europe and certainly not Germany.

2005 B2B Online Marketing Spending

Percent of 2005 Online Marketing Budget by Tactics
(General Sites incl. sites like the GYM's and
general business sites e.g.

Source: cut from the summary (s.a.)

desilva+phillips also edited summaries from the 2006 Summit on:

2006 Online Advertising Roundtable (PDF)

2006 Lead Generation Roundtable (PDF)