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Montag, Juli 18, 2011

Vietnam: Media & Advertising Landscape 2011

Über die letzten verfügbaren Zahlen zur Entwicklung der Werbeausgaben für Magazinwerbung in Viet Nam von ZenithOptimedia Data hatten wir bereits im Dezember 2010 berichtet.

14.0 % Growth Overall Ad Spend (projected)
--- [Total Ad Spending 2011:  674.3 Million USD] 
  8.1 % Growth Magazine Ad Spend (projected)
27.3 % Growth Internet Ad Spend (projected)
  6.9 % Magazines' Ad Share (projected)
--- [Total Magazine Ad Spending 2011:   46.7 Million USD]

Source: FIPP World Magazine Trends 2010 / 2011

Nach dem letzten Nielsen Viet Nam Barometer Wave 5 ist der Anteil der TV Werbung weiterhin dominierend, Internet Advertising und POS/In-store Advertising nimmt deutlich zu und der Anteil (nicht das Volumen) der Werbeaufwendungen in Zeitungen / Magazinen geht deutlich von 14 % auf 10 % zurück.

Estimated % to the extent your company has spent on those channels for the last 6 months?

Over the next 6- 12 months, how do you anticipate your company's spending on the following media channels for advertising?


Nielsen Viet Nam Barometer Wave 5 (41 S., PDF)

Nielsen Viet Nam: 2011 Pocket Reference Book: Vietnam (118 pg., PDF)

In eigener Sache: Ich bin käuflich! Viet Nam, Indien, China ..... und natürlich auch in / für Deutschland.

Montag, Oktober 04, 2010

Vietnam's Social Media Landscape - Infograph

and the equivalents to international platforms (outer rim)

From the Digital Influence Team [T&A Ogilvy Vietnam] Hanoi



Freitag, November 21, 2008

Asien: Werbeausgaben nach Medienkategorien

Nach MOE / CEE und Lateinamerika hier noch die Verteilung von Werbeausgaben nach Medienkategorien zu einigen Ländern Asiens, China, Indien, Indonesien, Japan, Südkorea, Thailand und Vietnam.


Die aktuelle Ausgabe der FIPP / ZenithOptimedia World Magazine Trends - mit insgesamt 54 Länderübersichten - gibt es bei FIPP.


National-Kultur-Dimensionen: Asien

da sich nach dem Posting Internationalisierung: Modelle für Kultur- und Verhaltensdifferenzierung mit den Beispielswerten für die Länder Mittel- und Osteuropa die Anfragen häufen, welche Werte Geert Hofstede für Länder in Asien nennt, hier die 'begehrtesten Länder' China, Indien, Indonesien, Japan, Südkorea, Thailand, Vietnam und der Arabischen Welt im Überblick und jeweils im Vergleich zu Deutschland:

PDI = Power Distance Index
IDV = Individualism
MAS = Masculinity
UAI = Uncertainty Avoidance Index
LTO = Long-Term Orientation




Der LTO - Index für Indonesien wurde bisher nicht validiert.


South Korea


Viet Nam

Region Arab World

Ein LTO - Index für die Arabische Welt wurde bisher nicht validiert.

Wie schon im ersten Beitrag zum Thema Nationalkulturen erwähnt, die Zahlen für alle bisher validierten Länder und Regionen gibt es hier.

Freitag, Juli 25, 2008

VNNIC: 20 Mio. Internet User in Viet Nam

Die aktuellen Zahlen vom Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre - per Juni 2008 -

Internet User: 20,16 Mio + 35,2 %
(vs. 6/2007: 14,91)

Internet Penetration: 23,61 %

Broadband Anschlüsse: 1,64 Mio

Donnerstag, März 13, 2008

CeBIT - 3.121 Internationale Aussteller aus 76 Ländern, insb. aus China

Ziehen man von den insgesamt 5.845 Ausstellern der CeBIT '08, die 2.724 Aussteller aus Deutschland ab, so bleiben alle anderen 76 Länder insg. 3.121 Aussteller. Da viele Unternehmen über ihre Tochter- oder Vertriebsfirmen in Deutschland / Europa ausstellen (z.B. USA, Japan) ist die Statistik sehr verzerrt.

Da mich das (gefühlte) Ausmaß der Beteiligung aus China und der (gefühlte) Rückgang in der Dominanz der Aussteller aus Taiwan doch etwas überrascht hatte, habe ich auf der Basis des CeBIT Katalogs, eine Presseinformation habe ich dazu nicht gefunden, folgende Tabelle: Länder / Aussteller erstellt:

Aussteller aus Asien insg. 1.330

- China 624
davon H.K. 151

- Tawain 426

- Korea 172

- Indien 28

- Singapure 25

- Malaysia 21
- Japan 13
- Thailand 9
- Afganistan 5
- Pakistan 4
- Bangladesh 2
- Vietnam 1

Ob auch die Komponenten-Aussteller aus China mit prall gefüllten Auftragsbüchern nach Hause gefahren sind, darüber gab es keine Verlautbarung der Messe. Meine Gesprächspartner aus der PRC waren (am 2. Messetag) (noch) nicht so happy.

Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

Vietnam Set for WTO Membership

Congratulation Viet Nam! And Good Luck!

Vietnam has been given - after a 12 long years of negotiations - the go-ahead to join the World Trade Organization (WTO, WTO Vietnam) and could be installed as its 150th member by early November 2006 ... more

from BBC News

New hope and chances for media service provider and in particular for B2B media and media in the education, science and special interest area ...

NYT: Vietnam’s Roaring Economy Is Set for World Stage (25-Oct-2006)

I hope for a good reason, to be back in Viet Nam and meet-up with my friends (in-person) , soon!

Sonntag, Juni 04, 2006

Vietnam Counts 12,5 Plus Million Internet User

I passionated about Viet Nam and its friendly and eager people for a long, long time even so I never succeeded to start CHIP Magazine in Viet Nam and had to close MM Industrial Magazine during the economical crises – but had interesting discussion and made good friends -
therefore, I have to share this update on Viet Nam Internet (via Smart Mobs, taken from Bangkok Post)

Viet Nam News reported (2-June-2006):

"In recent years, Internet Viet Nam has made a break-through development with more than 12.5 million Internet subscribers , according to the Global Internet Policy Initiative Viet Nam (GIPI Viet Nam).

Counting to the end of April, Viet Nam has 227,000 ADSL subscribers with growth rate of ADSL subscription of 300 per cent per year, and nine Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The figure represents a huge leap of ADSL in Viet Nam when compared to 183 users in 2003 – the first year when ADSL stepped into Vietnamese market."

And pricing has helped a lot (costs are still high considering income)
"Over past three years, dial-up accession fee has decreased by five times from VND200 (1.25 US cents) per minute to VND40 (0.25 US cents) per minute. In addition, fee for ADSL accession has reduced to the regional countries’ average level of $15-30 per month [...]" more

For you to compare:
Vietnam Internet Statistics July 2004 - just under 2 years ago - :

- Number of Internet Subcribers : 1 436 417
- Number of Internet users : 5 341 943 (now: 12,5 million plus)
- Percentage of Internet users on the population : 6.55% (now: about 15,0 %)

taken from

We do not know how accurate this new figures from GIPI Viet Nam are, but they look quite impressive.

(A Small correction on the Bangkog Post headline:
300 percent growth is for ADSL, not for Internet (or Internet subscribers).

Dienstag, Mai 16, 2006

The 10 Most Censored Countries

Paul Woodward (on his Asia Business Media Blog) points via Danwei (a great Blog on Chinese media, advertising, and urban life) to CPJ's (Commitee to Protect Journalists) Special Report 2006

The 10 Most Censored Countries

From the report (2-May-2006):

"North Koreans (1) live in the most censored country in the world, a new analysis by the Committee to Protect Journalists has found. The world’s deepest information void, communist North Korea has no independent journalists, and all radio and television receivers sold in the country are locked to government-specified frequencies. Burma (2), Turkmenistan (3), Equatorial Guinea (4), and Libya (5) round out the top five nations on CPJ’s list of the “10 Most Censored Countries.”

Next are

6. Eritrea
7. Cuba
8. Uzbekistan
9. Syria
10. Belarus

Note: China, Russia and Vietnam is not on this Top 10 list ...

full report in English
(describes each country in 3 chapters: Leader, How Censorship Works, and Lowlights)

full report in
Chinese (Mandarin) (PDF)

full report in
Russian (PDF)

Others do not agree .. .
Rapporteurs Sans Frontieres

Freedom House

I don't think, that ranking the '10 Most censored' is not so important, but the report (and the other two resources I linked too) give a good understanding what and how censorship goes on - and makes us more sensible about a more subtle, but not less powerful censorship (from politics, money, interest groups, your bosses) in our 'free' countries.

earlier entry
RWB Guide for Cyber-Dissident Bloggers

Samstag, Juni 04, 2005

The Global Scale of B2B Media and Business

Talking about B2B media on a global scale, Paul Conley (he worked a.o. for Primedia, Bloomberg before he started his consultancy) reminds us about the fact, that B2B media has to follow its (reader and advertising) clients mind and business and "speak their language" to prevail and prosper. More ...

For those interested in B2B Media he recommends some blogs concentrating on the subject you might want to subscribe to (Thank you Paul, for mentioning our blog in this list). On his list are

Colin Crawford, he works as VP Business Development at International Data Group (IDG), he is mentioned with an interesting update on Viet Nam, but Colin's Blog is truly on global scale

Trade Association and Business Publications International (TABPI)
is credits 'to bring together editors working for English-language publications worldwide, and encourage a common dedication to editorial ethics and excellence.'"

Paul Woodward, after a career in publishing, he now runs Business Strategy Group Asia (BSG Asia) and consults and reports on B2B media in Asia on his blog and in a weekly newsletter

Some more blogs on B2B Media and B2B Business (and other subjects) you find in 'Favorites'.

Speaking about global scale and many language of B2B business and B2B media, reminds me on my early days in B2B publishing, when it was "enough" to publish about products and services in many language to service your clients and help them to make your country "Export Weltmeister" e.g. Export-Markt (published from Vogel, Germany) was published in about 7 world trade languages and special issues (our first Chinese edition came out in 1969!).

Today, I belief strongly, it is not only about the language. In a global world you have to deliver localized, customized Media relevant for your audience business. And that is, what I worked on from 1993 - 1998 for Vogel Media International building and developing local publishing houses (in Europe and Asia) - quite successfully actually - and my consulting and coaching business today is all about reaching that goal to enhance growth and profit.