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Mittwoch, März 30, 2016

Post-report: FIPP Digital Innovators’ Summit 2016, Berlin (II) - 360° Video, 3D, UAV, VR, WT

Organizers and program committee of the #DISummit 2016 lured their record-breaking audience - of more than 600 participants - with some forward-looking (and current hyped) topics such as

360° / Immersive Video
UAV / Drones
VR / Virtual Reality
WT / Wearable Technology

Ben Kreimer, journalism technologist and beta fellow at BuzzFeed Open Labs, New York, NY offered some practical examples from the UNL Drone Journalism Lab  and AfricanskyCAM of telling stories by using

Freitag, Juli 31, 2009

Victor Keegan: Facebook and Twitter Make Noise, virtual worlds like WoW, Second Life Make Money'

I just read Victor Keegan's article at The Guardian 'Virtual worlds are getting a second life' quoting a Kzaro report that membership of virtual worlds grew by 39 % in the second quarter 2009 to about 580 million people and while 'Facebook and Twitter Make Noise, virtual worlds like WoW, Second Life Make Money'

So I wanted to know more about what KZERO [the self proclaimed Resident experts in virtual worlds] does, what Kzaro offers and found a lot of interesting research and services. Among them this nice graphs, which tell that youngster (still) love Virtual Worlds and Reality and spend money [buy subscriptons] for it.

and youngsters and people young at heart have wide and growing area of interest they spend time and money on in VR's

KZERO's Blog

I bookmarked the Kzero page for keeping myself appressed on Virtual World's Business.

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Kids Socialize in a Virtual World as Avatars

Mittwoch, Juli 09, 2008

Google Releases 3D World Chat Lively

My first impression: Lively look like 'Second Life Rescue Cabins' (of course not related to Linden Labs Second Life) on your website or 'Chill Out Rooms' in virtual space, with an earthy connections.

Announcement at the official googleblog

Just a Visual at YouTube


Dienstag, Juni 10, 2008

Second Life rät Firmen von Second Life ab

Der neue Chef des Betreibers von Second Life rät Firmen derzeit davon ab, in der virtuellen Welt eigene Niederlassungen zu gründen. "Second Life befindet sich noch ganz am Anfang", bekennt Linden-Labs-Geschäftsführer Mark Kingdon, schreibt

und weiter "Der Medienhype hat uns geschadet" ... "auch wenn es nicht ihre Intention war - in meinen Augen haben die Medien uns damit sehr geschadet", ...

Remember Gartner?
The company predicted in April 2007: 80% of Fortune 500 companies would have a virtual world presence by 2011 and 80 % of all active Internet User would have a 'Second Life' in a virtual world.

Früherer Eintrag:
Getrübter Blick: Second Life

Mittwoch, Oktober 31, 2007

CNN to Launch Citzen Journalism Bureau in Second Life


In the week of Nov. 5, CNN plans to open a news-gathering outpost in Second Life for its. citizens contribute eyewitness report. As reports, "the network will also act as a sort of journalism school, offering guidance to avatar citizen journalists via weekly 'news meetings' directed by staffers ..."


Donnerstag, Juli 26, 2007

Cultivating Flowers in the Desert

Or, How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life
(Wired, August Issue 15-Aug-2007)

Maybe not for much longer:
85% of people who create avatars in Second Life have abandoned them ...

Dienstag, Juni 05, 2007

Kids Socialize in a Virtual World as Avatars

wrote Yinka Adegoke on Reuters (1-June-2007) and introduces Stardoll, Doppelganger, Club Penguin and Gaia Online. Site kids go to beyond Dark Age of Caemot , EverQuest2 , Final Fantasy XI , Second Life , World of Warcraft.



Club Penguin


Zum Beitrag
Kids Socialize in a Virtual World as Avatars

Children's MMOs in the New York Times

Ralp Koester liefert zum NYT Beitrag eine Tabelle
mit den Zugriffszahlen (April 2007/2006)

Site ------- Users April 2006 zu April 2007
Club Penguin 794,000 zu 4,073,000
Webkinz 325,000 zu 3,879,000
Cartoon Doll Emporium
(2007) ~ 3,000,000
Stardoll 367,000 zu 1,241,000
WeeWorld (2007) ~ 900,000

Freitag, Mai 25, 2007

Virtual World Marketing: Lots of Companies, Few Visitors @Second Life


'Where is the ROI at Second Life' written by Wagner James Au

My favoured quote in this roundup is from Steve Prentice (VP Research at Gartner)
"Though many companies will quit in frustration, ...
they’ll learn from their early botched attempts—
whether they want to or not."

RE: Gartner
The company predicting in April 2007:
80% of Fortune 500 companies would have a virtual world presence by 2011 and 80 % of all active Internet User would have a 'Second Life' in a virtual world.

Samstag, November 18, 2006

Getrübter Blick: Second Life

Stefan Krüger (Chefredakteur wuv) betreibt in seinem aktuellen Editorial Aufklärung für die geneigten Leser des Branchenmagazins werben & verkauf.

Er sieht das zur Zeit äußerst populäre Online-Spiel

'Second Life' (Linden Lab)

eines der wenigen Spiele, die man auch unter den Augen seiner/s ChefIn im Büro spielen darf und dafür gelobt und bezahlt wird,

"inhaltlich 'irgendwo' zwischen 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar', 'Pleiten, Pech und Pannen' und 'Big Brother' ...

(Na ja, dann vielleicht dann doch lieber die Fehleinschätzung, dass hier eine virtuelle Gemeinschaft ihre 'Midlife-Crise" pflegt und auslebt.)

Richtig ist, das 'Big Brother' and 'American Idol' ins Second Life eingezogen sind und dass Reuters, Adidas, Nissan, IBM, Vodafone u.v.a.m. schon da sind ...

IBM hat angekündigt in den nächsten Jahren rd. 10 Mio USD in virtuelle Welten wie Second Life investieren wollen, aber das würde IBM - im Gegensatz mir - auch im Falle eines Scheiterns nicht in Existenznöte bringen.

Mittwoch, Oktober 04, 2006

Leo Burnett Sets Up Creative Hub in Second Life

From Ad Age Digital via Mediapost Online Media Daily

"Ad shop Leo Burnett is opening up a virtual shop in Second Life, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game played by nearly a million Internet users. The Chicago agency, which has done and recently lost work for clients like Cadillac and the U.S. Army, is now opening an ideas hub within the massive online world."

What's an Ideas Hub?
"A virtual time-waster for employees who want to feel like they're working? Maybe, but real-life marketers from ESPN to Adidas to American Apparel have moved into Second Life, where they sell virtual incarnations of their real-world products. Perhaps these manufacturers need virtual ads to drive virtual traffic to their virtual stores? For this and other reasons, Burnett has become the first ad agency to set up shop in Second Life. It's bought 16 virtual acres, which so far holds nothing but an apple tree, the agency's emblem, and a coming-soon sign.
One of the main ideas behind moving into Second Life is to connect the agency's network of 2,400 creatives and Arc Worldwide in 80+ countries, says Mark Tutssel, ..."

What is Second Life?

Montag, August 07, 2006

Shel Holtz Interviewed Hunter Glass

the editor of SL Business Magazine ... (SL = Second Life ?)

via Shel Holtz / FIR #160