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Dienstag, Juni 10, 2014

Stats on Content Marketing in Europe - a Lee Odden collection

In Lee Odden's Blogpost (June 9) he shared 140+ Statistics on Content Marketing in Europe he pulled together for a keynote at the Content Marketing Conference Europe and invides readers to share the data with others. The list is somewhat UK-heavy, but nonetheless educational.

Here some samples of the data you can expect:

Top 5 Priorities for Global and European Marketers in 2014 - Adobe/Econsultancy

36% content marketing
36% social media engagement
32% Targeting and personalization
31% Conversion rate optimization
28% Mobile optimization

71% of European companies’ adoption of content marketing has been inconsistent or worse – HubSpot/Smart Insights

49% of marketers in Europe spend 0-20% f their marketing budget on content marketing – HubSpot/Smart Insights

49% of European marketers have seen a return on their investment in content marketing – HubSpot/Smart Insights

Content Marketing Assets That Generate Leads or Sales for European Marketers - HubSpot/Smart Insights

42% Blog posts or articles
37% eNewsletters or online magazines
25% Own community or forum
25% Animated explainer videos
23% Branded engagement and videos
23% Whitepapers or eBooks
21% Infographics
20% Mobile specific apps or engagement tools
19% Industry or consumer research reports
19% Webinars
19% Competitions
15% Calculators and interactive tools
10% Quizzes
  7% Games

Top Challenges for European Content Marketers - HubSpot/Smart Insights

15% Measuring ROI and effectiveness
15% Strategy – Choosing quality content to engage
15% Creating sufficient quality content
15% Developing sufficient quantity of content
10% Budgeting and gaining buy-in
9% Forming and managing partnerships to share content
8% Integrating content marketing into other activities
8% Lack of specific content marketing skills

Most Effective Content Marketing Tactics in the UK - CMI/DMA UK

68% Case Studies (63% US)
66% Research Reports (56% US)
62% eNewsletters (59% US)
61% In-person Events (67% US)
61% Webinars / Webcasts (60% US)
60% Mobile Apps (42% US)
60% Videos (60% US)
59% Mobile Content (44% US)
58% White Papers (56% US)
57% Digital Magazine (42% US)
54% Social Media Content (53% US)
52% Microsites (49% US)
50% Articles on Other Websites (49% US)
50% Articles on Your Website (54% US)

via / more - including the links to the original studies on his toprankblog.