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Montag, Mai 06, 2013

Zukünftig mit vereinten Kräften: Der ABM + SIIA Merger. Wird die Deutsche Fachpresse diesem Beispiel folgen?

Am 10. April 2013 hatten ABM + SIIA bekannt gegeben, dass man plant die beiden Verbände zusammenzuführen. Aus der Pressemitteilung:
ABM, the association of business information and media companies, and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced today that they plan to merge in order to form the comprehensive, global business information and media industry association.
This plan is the result of 18 months of effort and commitment by the ABM staff and board of directors to preserve the association’s 107-year-old legacy while gaining sufficient scale to represent the full range of b-to-b business models.
“Our members are rapidly evolving and expanding their businesses with new capabilities, business models and platforms – and that requires access to new thought leadership, research and networking,” said ABM President & CEO Clark Pettit. “The combination of SIIA and ABM creates the breadth and scale required to powerfully represent, promote and defend the entire business information and media industry. It creates the nexus that brings together all relevant business models and technologies and forms a platform for future strategic alliances.”
The plan is for ABM to merge with SIIA’s Content Division. ABM's services will continue while it seeks opportunities to drive more industry and member value through tighter integration with SIIA. Importantly, the two organizations will also join forces in government affairs, creating a powerful global force in important legal and public policy debates across a wide range of issues impacting members’ business practices and revenues.
“Together our memberships form the cornerstone of b-to-b,” said SIIA President Ken Wasch. “By joining forces, we can bring the entire industry together and magnify opportunities for connection – so the right people can connect in the right environments and bring innovations to market.” ...

In einem Tweet (und auf Facebook) fragte ich, ob diese Entscheidung Vorbildcharakter für die Deutsche Fachpresse hat, ob es Überlegungen in diese Richtung gäbe.

Auf der ABM Annual Conference in Florida haben die Mitglieder der ABM diesen Merger mit 97 % bestätigt. [Pressemitteilung]

Deshalb haben wir jetzt noch einmal bei Stefan Rühling, dem Sprecher der Deutsche Fachpresse und CEO Vogel Business Media nachgefragt. Der Verein der Deutschen Fachpresse fühle sich bei den beiden Trägerverbänden der Deutschen Fachpresse gut aufgehoben und auf gutem Weg ...

„Wir beobachten den ABM-SIIA-Merger mit großem Interesse, denn gerade in der digitalen Entwicklung sind uns die amerikanischen Kollegen immer einen Schritt voraus.

Online- und IT-Kompetenz spielen auch in unseren Fachmedienhäusern eine immer größere Rolle. Deswegen bietet die Deutsche Fachpresse seinen Mitgliedern Unterstützung zur Weiterentwicklung ihrer Geschäftsmodelle an. Aus diesem Grund haben wir im vergangenen Jahr – um nur ein Beispiel zu nennen – erstmals in Kooperation mit dem bvdw eine „Guided Tour“ für Mitglieder der Deutsche Fachpresse auf der dmexco in Köln durchgeführt.

Ein weiterer Hinweis ist das Thema unseres diesjährigen Kongresses: „Transformation erfolgreich gestalten“ – mit zahlreichen Fachvorträgen und Best-Practice-Beispielen.

Organisatorisch gesehen ist ABM mit der Deutschen Fachpresse nicht vergleichbar. Die Deutsche Fachpresse ist keine Stand-Alone-Organisation, sondern wird seit der Gründung 1992 vom Fachverband Fachpresse im VDZ und dem Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels getragen. Viele Synergieeffekte, die ABM nun mit dieser Fusion anstrebt, nutzen wir bereits in unserer heutigen Struktur. So vertreten unsere Trägerverbände in der nationalen und internationalen Lobbyarbeit auch die Interessen der Fachverlage und arbeiten eng mit uns zusammen. Zuletzt konnten wir zum Beispiel erfolgreich einen Passus im Jahressteuergesetz verhindern, in dessen Folge sich viele Angebote im Veranstaltungsbereich durch den Wegfall des Vorsteuerabzugs um bis zu 15 Prozent verteuert hätten.“


More on americanbusinesmedia  | Deutsche Fachpresse

Weiterführende Links:

Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse 5./6. Juni 2013, Essen: "Transformation erfolgreich gestalten"

Deutsche Fachpressestatistik 2012 - Zahlen zum deutschen Fachmedienmarkt

U.S. B-to-B Media CEO Survey (Foliomag)

Freitag, April 17, 2015

ABM: U.S. B2B Media Revenue 2014 plus 3.3%, nears prerecession levels

- according to ABM BIN's selection and method of counting (without price adjustment).

Graph Source: Folio: Magazine

The Folio: chart is based on ABM's BIN Report Year-End-2014

The ABM- BIN report combines data from several sources. Event revenue is supplied by CEIR; print advertising data is provided by publishing service bureau IMS. Data on B2B digital advertising is estimated by ABM based on information provided by the IAB and the data component of the BIN report is provided by Outsell, supplemented by publicly available data and ABM estimates.

As you can see, there is a good chance that in 2015 U.S. B2B revenue from digital advertising will overtake print advertising ...  more    Folio:     ABM

Dienstag, Mai 09, 2006

ABM's Strategic Plan for a Fast-Changing World of Business Information

American Business Media (ABM) - under its leadership the of Gordon T. Hughes - is often ahead in its strategic plans and idea's to help their members to profitable growth (in comparison with other publishing associations anyway) - execution has sometimes room for improvement.

Here is their new 2-years strategic plan, approved during the ABM’s Spring Meeting (Folio:'s daily newsletter) in Scottsdale, AZ.

Full quote from ABM's release:

"The marketplace has changed again becoming increasingly more integrated, digital and complex. This ambitious Plan strives to take American Business Media members and the association to a new plateau. In this new environment, the driving goal will be to help our members develop a taxonomy and framework to successfully adapt and grow their businesses.

“As ABM embarks on this new Plan, we do it with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, said Gordon T. Hughes, president/CEO of American Business Media. “We recognize the important role the Association can play in helping our members better understand this new environment and be successful, measured in terms of content delivery, revenue and profitability.”

This new Plan leverages the following industry drivers:

• The end-user (reader, viewer, attendee), like never before, is seizing control and determining how and when they receive information

• Whether you refer to offerings as content, information, knowledge or solutions, the Editor and their ability to deliver the brands’ promise across multiple platforms is more critical than ever before

• Today, magazines are still vibrant brands and this equity has sustaining value

• The increased importance and expanding array of the face-to-face delivery platform is a robust, growing and critical part of information offerings

• The new digital world
-Is the fastest growing part of our industry
-Offers the greatest potential for long-term strategic rewards
-Encompasses today’s: Internet delivery, Rich Data, Rich Media, Vertical Search and other elegant offerings (some in view and some not yet defined)

• New delivery platforms are being discovered and others rapidly evolving

• In recognition of this evolving environment, ABM will leverage its resources to empower member companies to seize the strategic opportunities

One driver I miss in ABM's statement: Folksonomy ...

Folksonomy, something their reader / partner (formerly called audience) have started to embraced already.

Sonntag, Mai 18, 2014

How B2B Media Companies perform in U.S. - the ABM Managing Profits Report 2014

Last week I shared some data from the ABM BIN Report [here].

Today I can share some more data from ABM's Managing Profits Report 2014 presented during
ABM's Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ
May 4 - 7, 2014.

Please note, as with the German trade press statistics (Fachpressestatistik), these data represent only the input of the participants of the survey and changes in the composition of the participating publishers, changes in their market, offerings and portfolio may influence the results year by year.

B2B Media turnover - growth and decline

Revenue share 2010 - 2013, by company size

Print profitability improved 2013 vs 2012

Digital monetizing model - monetizing revenue 

Digital cost - according to the respondents
(and their definition, practice)

Further revenue shifts lie ahead

If you want to see / hear the full presentation on ABM's Managing Profits Report 2014 from the ABM Annual Conference, here is the Link

Montag, Mai 20, 2013

Research: The Value in B-to-B: How Business-to-business Media Connect Buyers and Sellers (Session Video) 34:30 min.

An American Business Media's Annual Conference 2013 Session with Matt Kinsman (ABM's VP Content & Programming) and Michael Moran Alterio (ABM's Research & Content Director)

On July 30, 2013 ABM has published a full-sized 425 pages 'Value of B-to-B' report. The report includes about 30 pages of analysis and takeaways and all raw data to dig in and do some number crunching for your and your clients specific questions on B2B Media. 

Some results from Adobe sponsored ABM's qualitative research by Readex Research (March 11 - April 12, 2013) on how trade media might shape the buyer-seller relationship today and in the near future. For this research ABM surveyed three audiences of interest

     74 marketers
   111 publishers, and
6.682 users of business-to-business media

(to safe you from an annoying autoplay, I did not embed, but link this video)

Slidedeck used during this presentation (PDF)

More ...

American Business Media's Annual Conference 2013 (Session Video's + Presentation Decks)

Dienstag, November 18, 2008

Path to Profitable Growth for B2B Media (and other media)

On today's ABM Top Management Meeting in Chicago Harry Hawkes, Jr., and Matt Egol, Partner at Booz & Company presented their study and project 'Taking the Road to Profit' commissioned bei ABM.

After the presentation, there were four breakout session and there will be this year and next year presentation, regional meeting, webinars and of course material on ABM's Website in due course.

Here just a few chart showing the direction (all charts are screenshoots from the Booz & Company presentation ):

The 2008 projection B2B Media
taking into account the market and the input of 76 members of ABM

The main hurdles and how to take them

Areas of antizipated growth

The two major path considerations available

The speaker made clear that you can win on any path and that there will be winners on each of the path. So I would only add, take a path where you are good at, where you can influence and/or win with - the given rules - of the game you want to play.

Playing the marketer driven model

Playing the user driven model

A sample checklist, what choices you make

for more, check out the american business media Website

(or/and call us)

Addendum: All charts from this presentation on ABM's Website

Freitag, August 02, 2013

The Value of B-to-B: How B2B Media Connect Buyers and Sellers (II.)

We mentioned this Adobe sponsored ABM's qualitative research by Readex Research (March 11 - April 12, 2013) already. ABM wanted to find out how trade media might / should shape the buyer-seller relationship today and in the near future.

For this research ABM/Readex surveyed three circle of stakeholder in the B2B Media Business: Marketers (74), User of B2B Media (6.682) and B2B Publisher (111) and here some key insights for publishers, what your User/Reader and Marketers/Advertisers do in the B2B Sphere, what the think about the offers available and what they need and want

B2B Marketers
- planning to ramp up spending on mobile and decrease spending on print
- are only moderately satisfied with the metrics that publishers give them
- prioritizing integrated buys, but are only moderately satisfied with what publishers offer

B2B Decision makers / Users
- want product information
- are eager on competitor comparisons
- going primarily going online for information, then turning to manufacturers...
- more than half are using mobile devices to research purchases
- don't think that publishers are offering high-importance data on mobile channels.

Information Sources Used 

B2B Marketing Budgets Shift - next 12 months

ABM has now published a huge tome 425 pages 'Value of B-to-B' report. The report includes about 30 pages of analysis and takeaways and all raw data to dig in and do some number crunching for your and your clients specific needs and wants on B2B Media. The results cover the U.S. B2B Market only. Nevertheless, we think it offers a lot of educational value for B2B Publishers and B2B Marketer in other parts of the world.

Link to presentation charts

Link to presentation video  34:40 min. (! autorun)

see related entry
Research: The Value in B-to-B: How Business-to-business Media Connect Buyers and Sellers

Sonntag, November 23, 2008

ABM Top Manager Meeting: Success in B2B Publishing (addendum)

In some reports the Booz Presentation at the ABM Top Management presentation was interpreted as a suggestion to go all the way with your advertiser and a preferable negligence of content, needs and wants of you readers / users

First, I don't think anyone would just go one way

Second, as this chart from Booz suggests there is more to gain, after an initial short time success either way, by adapting the end user driven solution path

Source: ABM Top Manager Meeting / Booz & Co, 2008
'A Roadmap for Profitable Revenue Growth'

main posting ABM Meeting Chicago
Path to Profitable Growth for B2B Media (and other media)

Mittwoch, November 07, 2007

ABM Top Management Meeting: Print isn’t going away. It’s still reasonably solid

and the meeting in Chicago is still on.

On Matthew Schwartz and Ellis Booker report about 'ABM Financial Trend Report':

Based on (only) 38 b-to-b media companies, representing 122 title)
(not really representative, as ABM has 331 members, representing nearly 5,000 title)

- Average ad expenses from 2004 through 2006 grew from $856,000 to $887,000;
- Average circulation expenses grew from $324,000 to $345,000.
- Average Total operating expenses grew from $3.30 million to $3.60 million

- Print advertising revenue grew to $3.66 million in 2006 from 3.56 million plus 0.4% (2004: $3.56 million)
- Overall revenue between 2004 and 2006—from print, events and digital products—grew to $4.50 million, from $4.30 million.
- Ad pages per issue dropped at a compound average of 6.7% from 2004 through 2006
- Total circulation revenue rose 3.3% in 2006 compared with 2005


More from Chicago via
Digital revenue for b-to-b media companies is expected to grow 18% to 22% in 2008, according to Gordon T. Hughes II

BtoB Media Business delivers a 'ABM's Top Management Meeting' - Special Edition
October 7 | October 6, 2007

using the nxtbook technology

Samstag, Mai 21, 2005

MediaPace - ein Wahrnehmungs- oder doch ein Erkenntnisproblem?

Am 5. Mai habe ich ich ABM (American Business Media) für ihr beispielhaftes Engagement und den "frühen" Start mit RSS & Blogs MediaPace und ich habe das zur Nachahmung empfohlen.

Ob dies nicht zu voreilig war, muss ich mir jetzt noch einmal überlegen. Und es wird wohl in erster Linie an dem weiteren Verhalten der Verantwortlichen bei ABM liegen, ob das Ganze zu einem Schuss in den Ofen und zur Blamage oder zu einem überlegtem, erfolgreichem Schritt wird.

Der (auch von mir) als Garant für das Gelingen genannte "Vorsitzende des Arbeitskreises für Blogs" Rex Hammock, hat sich zwar inzwischen (mehrfach) auf MediaPace zu Wort gemeldet und um Geduld und Nachsicht gebeten, aber zwischen den Zeilen kann man (wenn man denn will) den verschiedenen Statements entnehmen, dass es auch zwischen ihm und der ABM oder zumindest Steve Ennen dem "Director of Communication" Unstimmigkeiten gibt.

Siehe dazu den Beitrag in Folio:

Die Diskussion und den voll daneben liegenden "so-etwas-tut-man-nicht" Verteidigungs- und Angriffsbrief von Steve gibt es hier bei Paul Conley

Danke Paul und bitte nicht locker lassen - wir wollen, wir brauchen den Erfolg des ABM Blogs MediaPace!

Mittwoch, Mai 04, 2011

Marketing Services der Fachmedien und ABM's Annual Conference 2011, Austin, TX:

Eines der zentralen Themen der diesjährigen ABM Annual Conference in Austin, TX war das Verlags-Geschäftsfeld Marketing Services. Dazu gab u.a.

How Do Smaller Publishers Move into Marketing Services?
B-to-B media entrepreneurs share how their companies are leveraging their creativity and nimbleness to expand their capabilities

What Trends Drive Marketing Services
Scott Peters will frame the marketing services trend in terms of media consumption and marketing spending shifts, identifying companies poised to capitalize on them

Outsell: What Advertisers Say About Marketing Services and Their 2011 Plans

Research: Marketers, Agencies and Publishers Address Marketing Services

Das komplette Program zum Nachlesen Die Charts [members only]

Auf dem Programm des Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse 2011 vermisst man diese Themenorientierung (und viele andere auch).

Ein Blick auf die Fachpressestatistik 2009 zeigt einen möglichen Grund für diese Abstinenz. Der für Dienstleistungen ausgewiesene Fachmedienumsatz (darunter u.a. auch Marketing Services) betrug 2009 nur 166 Mio. Euro (also rd. 5,5% von insgesamt 3.003 Mio. Umsatz) und war zudem noch rückläufig, minus 3,2 % gegenüber Vorjahr. Aber warum ist das so? Liegt das an den präsumtiven Kunden oder an den nicht richtig aufgestellten Fachmedien-Dienstleistern?

Marketings Services sind ohne Frage ein Themenfeld, in denen Fachmedien ein hohes Leistungspotential vorhalten und die entsprechenden Kundenbeziehungen haben. Doch welche Hürden sind zu nehmen, welche Voraussetzungen sind zu schaffen, dass diese Leistung auch nachgefragt und "angenommen" wird?

VSS beziffert das US-Gesamtvolumen Marketing Services 2011 auf 215,5 Mrd. USD

via [Nachtrag]

und Outsell Inc. brachte den US-Verlegern die frohe Kunde, dass nach den Ergebnissen ihrer “6th Annual Advertising & Marketing Study” 2011 rund 85 % der B2B Marketer (Vj. 72 %) Marketing Services von Verlagen und nur 80 % (Vj. 86 %) Agenturen nutzen wollten.

Die Fachmedien sitzen also potenziell auf einer Goldader von Leistungspotenzial, das B2B Marketer nachfragen. Aber dort schlummern die Schätze, haben häufig noch nicht einmal ein Preisschild und die Verkaufsorgane der Verlage kein Interesse und keine Insentives die Leistungen anzubieten und zu verkaufen.

Wie lange wollen, wie lange können sich das Verlagsdienstleister noch leisten?

Nachtrag: 5-May-2011
ABM Vital Guide to Marketing Services

Montag, Mai 04, 2009

American Business Media / JEGI Financial Survey 2009

Maybe the fact that only 20 b-to-media companies partizipated in the annual 'ABM Financial Survey 2008' (replacing ABM’s Media Revenue and Cost Report) reveals more about the state of the B2B media industry than any of its results:

- Print accounted in 2008 for a combined 62.4% of the overall revenue, thats 8,4 % less than 2007.
- Online accounted in 2008 for 19,6 %, thats 15,1 % plus to 2007

Full Presentation JEGI / ABM (PDF)

via / more


Mittwoch, Februar 18, 2009

Fachpresse Kongress 2009: Die Fachmedien kümmern sich wieder um ihre Kunden, oder?

Pingo, denke ich, nach Fachmedien von Print bis Web 2.0 (2007) und Neue Geschäftsmodelle für Fachmedien (2008) beschäftigt sich der Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse (19. - 20. Mai 2009) wieder mit dem Kunden. Das Motto wird sein, so die Pressemitteilung von heute morgen

Den Kunden im Fokus - Kompetenz in allen Medien.

Der zweite Teil (in grau) des Mottos und die Auflösung des Themenanspruchs, „wie Fachverlage ihre Zielgruppen auf unterschiedlichen Wegen optimal erreichen und welche Zukunftsperspektiven sich bieten", führt dann vielleicht doch wieder vom Kunden weg und auf die Fachmedien und was diese können, wollen und die Kunden sollen ...

Oder vielleicht doch nicht. Die PM lässt Eva E. Wille sagen „Unsere Kunden sind unser Kapital, ... gerade in diesen Zeiten des immer schnelleren Wandels gilt es, in engstem Dialog neue Wege zu suchen, gemeinsam zu gehen und Erfahrungen auszutauschen ...", allerdings werden die Kunden, wenn ich das richtig sehe, ausschließlich durch Verlagsleute repräsentiert, oder?

Ein Highlight (jedenfalls angefragt ist die Booz & Company Studie für ABM)
A Roadmap for Profitable Revenue Growth in 45 Minuten

[Wer auf deren Erkenntnisse nicht warten will kann sich schon hier

ABM Top Manager Meeting: Success in B2B Publishing (addendum)
Path to Profitable Growth for B2B Media (and other media)
ABM's 2008 Top Management Meeting 2008 - Live Stream

einmal ausführlich informieren - dort waren es allerdings Thema des gesamten Meetings, der Workshops und mit Fortsetzung in den Regionen]

Das Programm des Fachpresse Kongress, Wiesbaden 2009 gibt es hier

Einträge zum Fachpresse Kongress 2008

Nachlese: Fachpresse Kongress 2008 Wiesbaden

Das Geheimtreffen der deutschen Fachpresse im Kurhaus geht weiter

Deutsche Fachpresse und Social Media

Donnerstag, Oktober 19, 2006

Learning about B2B China - ABM Leadership Tour To Beijing

About 20 publishers, interested in B2B China joint the American Business Media Association (ABM) Leadership Tour to Beijing.

I hope they learned a lot and especially the lesson, that things are moving fast in publishing China and if they want to play an active role, they have to hurry up, learn fast (from China) and move swiftly!

Snowp Lin, a former collegue and friend, gave the visiting group a short summary on

China B2B Magazine and Online Services for Engineers

Download Presentation 25 pages (PDF)

If you need some more expertise and/or a helping hand, please contact Snowp or Hugo at mcc.

Paul Woodward has more: worth $50 million

ABM's E-News report

Samstag, Juli 01, 2006

ABMs New Business Media Study by Harris Interactive

I had a first look at the Harris Interactive Business Media Study for American Business Media (ABM) presented last week at Bloomberg LP.

ABM calls the study on the B2B end-user mindset groundbreaking and remarkable. Do not expect from the Association of Business Media to commission and present a study that finds Business Media a relict from the past or close to dead. The new Harris Business Media Study sees "B-to-b magazines [...] as the most trustworthy source of information, and were mentioned as the single most reliable source, (trade press) Web sites valued for their immediacy and Trade shows "as the best at raising awareness of products".

The results is based on data from 588 interviews (28 each for 21 BIN Categories) - 96 % of them identifying themselves as business media reader ... on average the were reading 4.2 B2B magazines and visiting 7.4 B2B websites in the past month prior to the interview ...

Harris Interactive calls the study representative for all B2B media categories (21 BIN or 22/20) and the whole industry, they asked all the question advertisers and agencies have on their mind (at least the should have at the publishers wish). I would need more information on the methology establishing data in the interview, to understand the outcome and I am sceptical about the validation of the 2001 - 2006 comparision.

In any case, worthwhile looking at ..


See the press release called 'News on Print'
(the naming is telling about the predominant mindset at ABM)

See and study the Harris Business Media Study
(a 71 page powerpoint presentation)

Freitag, Mai 09, 2014

ABM Annual Conference May 4-7, 2014 - Presentations Videos | Slides

A few selected presentations you might want to have a look at

  • Keynote: Why B2B is the Future for The Weather ChannelVideo 
  • Panel 1+1= 3: Getting Business and Technology Groups to Work TogetherVideo
  • ABMs 2014 Managing Profits Report: Industry OutlookVideo
  • Case Study: How BLR Built Workflow Tools for Its CustomersSlides | Video
  • Panel What B2B Brands Want from YouVideo
  • Building Business Enablement Tools: SaaS and PaaS for PublishersSlides | Video
  • Turning Content Licensing into a Real Business LineSlides | Video
  • Panel Passing the Torch: Meet the Next Leaders of B-to-B Video

via / more abm's website

Dienstag, Mai 14, 2013

American Business Media's Annual Conference 2013 (Session Video's + Presentation Decks)

A Customers-Driven Future, new competition and new (fast developing) technology and changing environment pose myriads of challenges to B2B Publisher (read Service provider), B2B Marketer ...

If you missed the last ABM event of its kind (ABM - SIIA Merger) -  most have - take some time to check and listen to the session videos here and/or download the presentation decks here on subjects you might be interested.

You might want to start off with the podium 'The B-to-B Company of the Future', and than listen to Rafat Ali wake up call 'Building a Business Information Brand in 2013' ... (starts 1:33)

See the full program for Bio’s and Session descriptions

Mittwoch, September 26, 2012

US B2B Tech Media Ad Spend Unraveled

abm released some data on tech media revenue 2011 (ITC) and share by category
"The size of the technology industry in b-to-b media"

2011 Revenue (in Million USD)          

USD 179.27  Print Advertising

USD 719,74  Digital Advertising

USD 109.44  Classifieds and Directories
USD   64.56  Lead Generation
USD     9.04  eMail
USD   67.70  Mobile
USD   76.74  Digital Video Commercials
USD 288.92  Ad banners / display ads
USD   47.55  Sponsorships
USD   55.78  Rich media

USD 899.01  Total Tech Market (excl. exhibition)

via/more abm

Montag, November 14, 2011

ABM and TV Mainstream presents ABM's Executive Forum: "Content Matters" Presentations (Video + Slidedeck)


What It Really Takes to Get Paid for Digital Content
Speaker: Kevin McKean, VP/Editorial Director, Consumer Reports

What Semantic Technologies Are- and Why You Should Care
Speaker: Keith DeWeese, Director, Information and Semantics Management, Tribune Company

Keynote: Welcome to [Media] Chaos
Speaker: Judy Franks, President, The Marketing Democracy, Ltd./Adjunct Lecturer, Medill, Northwestern University

Monetizing Quality Content in a Digital World
Speaker: Mark Westlake, Chief Revenue Officer, TechMediaNetwork

Emerging Models In Content Monetization
Speaker: Peter Hoyt, Executive Director/CEO, Path to Purchase Marketing Institute
Speaker: Sheila Rice, VP, Business Development & Licensing, Northstar Travel Media
Speaker: Timothy Kennelty, VP, Product Strategy & Development, ALM

Emerging Content Model: The Marketer’s B-to-B Website
Moderator: Joe Pulizzi Executive Director, Content Marketing Institute
Speakers: Bridget Fletcher Director of Suite Marketing, Adobe Systems Inc., Tim Moran Editor-In-Chief,, Adobe Systems

How to Generate Content at Scale for Multiple Platforms (Without Burning Out)
Moderator: Jeremy Gilbert, Assistant Professor, Medill, Northwestern University
David Berlind, Chief Content Officer/Editor in Chief, UBM TechWeb
John Gallant, Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise
David Longobardi, EVP/Chief Content Officer, SourceMedia

How Content Marketing is Raising the Stakes for Business Media
Moderator: Gary Slack, Chairman, Slack and Company
Speaker: George Stenitzer, Vice President-Corporate and Marketing Communications, Tellabs

(24./25. October 2011, Chicago, IL)

Freitag, August 27, 2010

Ausgewählte Tweets 23. - 27. August 2010

Alleinstellender, verkaufender Slogan gesucht: "Wir arbeiten für Ihren Erfolg, damit Sie uns auch morgen noch bezahlen können". Geht das?

Beijing International Book Fair: E-Publishing Boosts #China ’s Booming $150bn Book Market

@mediaclinique Endlich: TIME Magazine für Erwachsene (Video by ONN)

@ianbissell: B2B publishers that excel at marketing services outperform their competition more

Facebook partners with Y Combinator to encourage + support startups who want to build business around a social experience

@zerobeta: The Rise of Decentralized Expert-in-the-Field Media or How @fredwilson Killed @IncMagazine

In Sachen Kundenkenntnis halten sich B2B Medienunternehmen bereits für Spitze

@OMEGO_ffm: Das B2B-Geschäft erholt sich langsam Langsam? Bei 77% der Befragten sind die Auftragsbücher [bereits] voll, [die anderen] 23% [machen] kA

2nd FIPP Asia-Pacific Digital Magazine conference to discuss digital success stories - Hangzhou, China, Oct. 14-15, 2010

The 'Hugo E. Martin Daily' is out - featuring @martinweigert @iRightsinfo @yeebase_t3n @mediaguardian @ChristophKappes

New Research Suggest Google Book Search Helps Publishers A Lot More Than It Hurts

State of the Art: Amazon’s iPad response Leaves Rivals Farther Back David Pogue at

@leanderwattig bastelt gerade an einer Jobbörse für die Buchbranche und freute sich über Feedback und Job-Einträge:

China to improve and amplify “go out” strategy for Chinese news & publishing industry | Liu Binjie, GAPP

How to use #Foursquare for Business (Ogilvy On - the Slides) #socialmedia

China allows foreign investment in print media, provided they don't interfere with editorial policy #GAPP

Wondering, why ABM is hiding @BoozCompany findings of the B2B Marketing Leadership Study, instead discussing them with their clients/partner

ABM / @BoozCompany: B2B Marketing Leadership Study (Video, B2B Marketing Capability Framework, Capability Maturity)

Based on comScore figures 2010-July: Germany is after USA and China the third largest Social Networking country

“Ich kenne meine Leser”: Marketing-Guru Seth Godin verzichtet [deshalb] auf Verlage. Auf e-book-news

India IRS Q2 2010: Decline trend in readership continues to plague magazines, mixed pack with dailies

Deutsche Post übernimmt und will im Rahmen ihrer 'Strategie 2015' ein Standbein Online-Werbung aufbauen

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