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Montag, November 24, 2008

Irgendwie schade: Newsroom Konzept Anno 1996

Schade, dass man heute die vermeintliche A***-Karte Newsroom / Newsdesk vorwiegend dann aus dem Ärmel zieht (oder ziehen lässt), wenn es ums Einsparen von Personal und Kosten geht, statt die Chancen und Möglichkeit des Newsrooms zu betonen (und zu benutzen), die Produktion besserer Produkte und Services für die Leser zu unterstützen.

Ausgelöst durch einen Kommentar auf Facebook (zu der gestrigen Sendung ZAPP in der ARD) habe ich in meinen alten Datenbeständen gewühlt und diese Präsentation aus 1996 entdeckt. O.k., einverstanden, heute würde ich das ein oder andere ein wenig anders schreiben, aber ich will die damalige Präsentation und den Diskussionsstand authentisch rüberbringen:

Newsroom Anno 1996
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: editorial newsroom)

Und wie sie sehen stand schon damals das pMagazin nicht mehr singulär für die Markenleistung von CHIP.

Von 1993 - 1998 habe ich für die Vogel Medien Gruppe die Internationalisierung vorangetrieben und geleitet. Das Magazin CHIP war damals für viele Verlagsgründungen, Joint-Ventures und Lizenz in Mittel- und Osteuropa, in Süd-Osteuropa und Asien das Ausgangsprodukt. Für das Newsroom-Konzept war VPI Polen der Vorreiter.

Samstag, April 18, 2015

Der Kollege Roboter im Journalismus 4.0

Ein gut verständlicher, aufklärender - hoffentlich auch etwas verunsichernden - Überblick was Roboterjournalismus leisten kann und leisten soll, von Saim Alkan (Aexea) auf dem Frankfurter Tag des Online-Journalismus 2015 am 14. April 2015.

Und als Nachtrag zu

Journalism & Automated Writing, Machine Writing, Robot Writing - a collection of ideas and material (III.) 

Journalism & Automated Writing, Machine Writing, Robot Writing - a collection of ideas and material (II.)

Journalism & Automated Writing, Robot Writing (some notes from prehistoric times)

@aexea Durchbruch für #Roboterjournalismus: Aexea gibt Programmiersprache ATML3 für Entwickler frei

Leser halten computergenerierte Texte für glaubwürdiger als Journalistentexte 
– so die Ergebnisse der LMU Studie Wie stufen Leser die Qualität computergenerierter Texte ein?

Interview über Zielsetzung und die Resultate der Studie auf

Sharing my collection so far, for you to use, share, add: Fundstellen, Links

An NPR Reporter Raced A Machine To Write A News Story. Who Won?
by Stacey Vanek Smith at npr

Nehmen Roboter Journalisten den Job weg?
by Adrian Lobe at
wg. #LSR bitte selbst googlen

Quo vadis Newsroom? Die Macht der Timelines und das Dilemma der Publisher
by Robert Franken at

@KNDoerr ... #lwc15 vielleicht interessiert dazu mein Artikel:
Algorithmic Journalism - Einordnung und Konsequenzen? 

Roboter-Journalismus: Retresco erstellt automatische Spielberichte für Web-und Print-Redaktionen
by at

Meet The Robot That’s Trying to Take My Job
by Bryan Clark at

Communicatio Socialis Ausgabe 1, 2015 u.a. zum Thema: Roboter-Journalismus

Where next for robot journalists in the newsroom?
by Jack Shepherd at

SXSW 2015: Robots, Algorithms Infiltrate The News Business, Selecting Stories And Writing Them
by Max Willens on

Freitag, Mai 16, 2014

The New York Times Internal Innovation Report [Update]

Joshua Benton - on - calls the leaked New York Times innovation report one of the key documents of this media age.

After a shorter (worked on) public version (11 pages) distributed by the New York Times Comp.

1. Create a newsroom audience development team
2. Create a newsroom analytics team
3. Create a newsroom strategy team
4. Collaborate with the reader-focused departments on the business side
5. Prioritize digital hiring to help the digital-first transition

see my Facebook post May 12, 2014

BuzzFeed Business has now published a leaked, full version (91 pages, 5 pages are missing) and at least everyone subscribed to this Blog should study the report. In case you want first to find out whether it is worthwhile, read Joshua Benton piece at The leaked New York Times innovation report one of the key documents of this media age which is spelling out some additional highlights in the report for the ROW to know.

[BuzzFeed Business shared document was missing 5 pg. - so I replaced the document with ...]

Mittwoch, März 24, 2010

The Future Newsroom: Lean, Open and Social Media-Savvy

On the campus of Penn State University, a rivalry between a rogue campus blog and the official newspaper has become a fascinating mirror of the strife between old and new media. In only a matter of months, the unofficial campus blog Onward State, has marshaled the power of social media to compete with the award winning 112-year-old campus paper The Daily Collegian. With one-tenth of the Collegian’s staff size, Onward State has constructed a virtual newsroom that collaborates in real-time with Google Wave, outsourced its tip-line to Twitter, and is unabashed about linking to a competitor’s story.
The Future Newsroom: Lean, Open and Social Media-Savvy

Samstag, Dezember 05, 2009

Zeitgeist '09: Von der Pressemitteilung zum Social Media Newsroom (Präsentation)

Prima Präsentation zum Thema Online Social Media Newsroom nominiert zum slideshare zeitgeist '09 Award von mediaquell | Corporate Quellen

Online Social Media Newsrooms - Was ist das? Was sind die Vorteile? Informationen, Daten und Fakten.

Die Präsentation zeigt auf, was Online Social Media Newsrooms sind, wozu sie dienen und warum Online Newsrooms immer mehr die klassischen Pressebereiche und Abläufe ersetzen.

Mittwoch, Juli 23, 2008

Study: The Changing Newsroom

More than 250 newspaper participated in this study, by Tyler Marshall and the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism on the direction news business takes between financial pressures, threaten from the web and change of news consuming patterns ...

most papers have reduced the space, resources and commitment devoted to a range of topics

Other findings:
- 85% of the dailies surveyed with circulations over 100,000 have cut newsroom staff in the last three years, while only 52% of smaller papers reported cuts.

- quite often distinguished, high-salaried and complacent veteran reporters and editors are replaced by a generation of young, versatile, tech-savvy, high-energy staff

- disrupted between accuracy, depth and journalistic standards vs. speed, multimedia and interactivity nearly half of all journalists are equally worried and excited about the new rules and chances at the same time

recommended read at

On the same report at the ReadWriteWeb from Marshall Kirkpatrick
Newspapers Shifting Coverage Local As Online Challenge Grows

Other 'newsroom' postings on this blog

Mittwoch, März 19, 2008

State of the News Media 2008 (2)

I did not yet have time to read much from the detailed Report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism on The State of the News Media 2008, but Leonard Witt (PJNet), put yesterday published an interesting snippet:

"Increasingly, the newsroom is perceived as the more innovative and experimental part of the news industry. This appears truer in newspapers and Web sites than elsewhere. But still it represents a significant shift in the conversation. A decade ago, the newsroom was often regarded as the root of journalism’s disconnection from the public and its sagging reputation. “I think we may need to just blow up the culture of the newsroom,” one of the country’s more respected editors told a private gathering of industry leaders in 1997. Now the business side has begun to be identified as the problem area, the place where people are having the most difficulty changing. “My middle management in advertising and distribution is where I see the deer-in-the-headlights look,” one publisher recently told us. “Advertising doesn’t know how to start to cope,” said a major industry trade association leader. A survey of journalists from different media (being released with this year’s report) reinforces this sense. Majorities think such things as journalists writing blogs, the ranking of stories on their Web sites, citizens posting comments or ranking stories, even citizen news sites, are making journalism better — a perspective hard to imagine even a few years ago. These new technologies are seen as less a threat to values or a demand on time than a way to reconnect with audiences. News people also are less anxious about credibility, the focus of concern a few years ago. Their worries now are about money ..."

Is the pendulum swinging back?

We saw in publishing first the editor / journalist play the first violin, later the advertising people played in many publishing houses the first violin and were promoted (more often) to be the publisher, than distribution was key and more people from this faculty became their chance. Than and today unfortunately (in my opinion anyway) the financial people took over and ruined (and still ruin) the model of publishing in the midst of our society (most obvious in newspaper publishing, broadcasting).

Of course we have different stages a publisher a publishing venture is in and often the model is mixed anyway. But, if the pendulum would swing back ... wouldn't that be great for the readers, authors and the publisher, too?

Montag, September 15, 2014

Journalism & Automated Writing, Machine Writing, Robot Writing - a collection of ideas and material (II.)

Every reader / user should get her / his own news, individually tailored article, report, alert and/or a individually catalog listing, personalized product description, etc. - event, process, time, location and device sensitive

Sharing my collection so far, for you to use, share, add:

Article & Postings collection

The journalists who never sleep‘Robot writers’ that can interpret data and generate stories are starting to appear in certain business and media sectors [EN]

Yves Eudes at The Guardian

How robots consumed journalism - a time table
A look back in time reveals machines have long been after news jobs [EN]
by David Uberti at Columbia Journalism Review

Blechkollegen: Journalistische Texte mit Software erstellen [DE]
by Frank Puscher in iX

Computergestützter Journalismus: Wie Roboter den Journalismus verändern [DE]
by Stefan Betschon in der NZZ

Roboterjournalismus: Anwendungsgebiete und Potenziale [DE]
von Lars Sobiraj auf Fachjournalist

Robot Journalism – What's really possible and where are its limits? [EN]
NN at Aexea:

The Prose of the Machines
“Robots” are surprisingly good at writing news stories, but humans still have one big edge. [EN]
by Will Oremus at Slate

Should We Be Afraid Or Excited About Robot Journalism? [EN]
by Catherine Taibi HuffPost

Robots Are Invading the News Business, and It’s Great for Journalists [EN]
by Kevin Roose at New York Magazine

1. Juli 2014
Der Algorithmus – die neue vierte Gewalt? Bio-Journalisten versus Roboter-Journalisten [DE]
von Helmut Hartung (Seite 23, PDF) in Politik & Kultur Juli / August 2014

Why we should be celebrating the rise of robot journalism instead of criticizing it [EN]
by Mathew Ingram on Gigaom

The Anatomy of a Robot Journalist What do you think? [EN]
by Nicholas Diakopoulos at

Maschinen-Journalismus: Kollege Roboter schreibt die Nachrichten - Software verwandelt Daten in journalistische Texte [DE]
von Dirk Asendorpf auf Deutschlandradio Kultur

19-Mai-2014 [DE]
Robotergeschichten – Wenn Automaten Texte schreiben [DE]
Jan Tißler im Upload Magazin

8-May-2014 [DE] [VIDEO]
Roboterjournalismus: Wenn Algorithmen Nachrichten machen [DE]
with Lorenz Matzat at re:publica 2014

How to break News while your sleep
by Ken Schwencke at
#Botweek related books

21-March-2014 (Video, Podcast)
Mediatwits #114: Will Robots Take Over Simple Tasks for Journalists? [EN]
by Claire Groden at MEDIASHIFT

Robots have mastered news writing. Goodbye journalism [EN]
by Liat Clark at Wired

Der neue Roboter-Journalismus. Wie automatisierte Hilfstruppen klassische Redaktionen unterstützen [DE]
Cord Dreyer (Text-on), Frederik Fischer (Tame), Mirko Lorenz (Datawrapper), Johannes Sommer (Retresco)
European Newspaper Congress 2014 4.-6.5.2014

Achtung, robot journalist! The advent of automation auxiliaries in traditional newsrooms [EN]

Journatic made ‘very poor decisions’ about content, say Aggrego founders [EN]
by Andrew Beaujon at Poynter

Roboter Journalismus (Automated Insights) (Video) [DE]
Autor: Niklas Hoffmann, 2012 ZDF

Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter? [EN]
by Steven Levy at Wired

A Robot Stole My Pulitzer!
How automated journalism and loss of reading privacy may hurt civil discourse. [EN]
by Evgeny Morozov at Slate

Some Marketplayer + Patents

Aexea , Stuttgart, DE
offers CaaS (Content-as-a-Service) 

"Als Vorreiter der automatisierten Texterstellung entwickeln wir komplexe Software, die in Sekundenschnelle verständliche und lesenswerte Texte in verschiedenen Sprachen generiert. Ob suchmaschinenoptimierte Produkttexte, Sportartikel, Wetter- oder Verkehrsmeldungen – Anwendungsgebiete für automatisierte Texte gibt es viele. Bisher erstellte AX bereits mehr als 3,1 Millionen davon."

Automated Insights, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Labsense, Paris, FR 
Co-founder Edouard de Ménibus

Labsense, a small startup in Paris, has compiled its own automated-writing code. It now works for online trading websites with large catalogues, with details of countless products, specification sheets, user manuals and such.

LocalLabs Media Services, New York, NY, USA

Content on demand for Media Companies

Narrative Science, Chicago IL, USA

Website von «Forbes» mit automatisch generierten Zusammenfassungen von Geschäftsberichten beliefert und auch Matchberichte für Kinder-Baseball im Angebot hat.

Retresko GmbH, Berlin, DE

Experte und Partner für Suche, Semantik und die Automatisierung contentgetriebener Geschäftsmodelle.

Yseop SA, Paris, FR (see under Patents)
Jean Raucher, CEO 

Yseop works for the customer service departments of banks and telecommunications companies, and news sites operated by finance companies. It also supplies advanced services to agencies investigating stock market dealings.

Wordsmith, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Fasst seit Juli für die Nachrichtenagentur Associated Press Geschäftsberichte zusammen

Quakebot für Erdbeben in LA, SF, Worldwide

See also: Achtung, robot journalist! The advent of automation auxiliaries in traditional newsrooms
Frederik Fischer (Tame), Mirko Lorenz (Datawrapper), Johannes Sommer (Retresco)  and others +++

Some related patents

Patent CBS Interactive USA (16-Aug-2012)

Techniques for providing narrative content for competitive gaming events


Narrative Generator

Patent YSEOP SA, Paris, FRANCE (13-November-2008)
Methods and apparatus for processing grammatical tags in a template to generate text

Notes: People Projects + Papers

Saim Rolf Alkan (see Aexea)  | ‏@saimalkan @Aexea

Robbie Allen (see Automated Insights)  |  @RobbieAllen @AInsights
Larry Birnbaum
Co-Director at intelligent information laboratory northwest university 
Associated professor at Medill School of Journalism, teaches Innovation in Technology, Media and Journalism

"His research in artificial intelligence and computer science has encompassed natural language processing, case-based reasoning, machine learning, human-computer interaction, educational software, and computer vision. Birnbaum has authored or co-authored more than eighty articles. He was the program cochair of the 1991 International Machine Learning Workshop and has been a member of the program committee for numerous other conferences and workshops."

Cord Dreyer (see Text-on)  |  @CordDreyer

Frederik Fischer (Tame, DE)  | @FrederikFischer

Kris Hammond (see Narrative Science)  |  @KJ_Hammond @narrativesci

Johannes Sommer (Retresco) @retresco
(unvollendet - Ergänzungen, Hinweise immer willkommen!)

Montag, Juni 30, 2014

Innovation in Newspapers World Report 2014 | 16th edition as ePaper + pPaper

Annual Survey by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group for WAN-IFRA
by John Burke, Juan Antonio Giner, Juan Señor, Marta Torres.

Published June 2014
114  pages, English
eBook   90.75 € (PDF, Download)
eBook   free for members (PDF, Download)
pBook  181.50 € (plus postage)


I didn't have the chance yet, to look inside the report, but I am deeply convinced that innovations in news business (and journalism) are still urgently and thoughtful needed, we are not even halfway there. And I do not mean innovation as life-prolonging measure for long-standing and for more and more outdated for many people, especially the young (...), but innovations that help (and educate) users to develop and enhance their personal news consume pattern. From getting the news (the news finds me in time, at the right place, in context), absorbing, working, sharing and discussing (and expanding) on news and archive, retrieve, remix and re-"publish" such news in context ...  Today, I can (only) share the

Table of Content

Mittwoch, Mai 14, 2014

Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse, Essen 14. Mai 2014 (Tag 1)

#fpk14 Tag 1:

Heute um 10:30 Uhr eröffnete Stefan Rühling, der Sprecher der Deutschen Fachpresse und CEO der Vogel Business Medien, den Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse.

Der Kongress steht 2014 unter dem Motto:

Erfolgreiche Kommunikationslösungen für B2B-Märkte

Wer nicht selbst teilnimmt, kann die Themen und Erkenntnisse via Twitter #fpk14 verfolgen oder auch die Nachberichte warten - einen Video-/Audio-Livestream gibt es nicht.
[Mobile auch unter].

Montag, Juni 22, 2009

Twitter Feeds 21./23. Juni 2009 by LaudTwitter

  • 06:53 Reading: Former Ziff Davis CEO Eric Hippeau now runs HuffPo and ha 25 Mio. USD Investment to Shape the Future ( ) #
  • 07:10 Forrester paper: The Practicalities Of European Social Media Marketing (Daimler, Innobasque, Ford, Carphone Warehouse) #
  • 07:23 Top 20 Take Away Tips for Tweeting Journalists #
  • 07:44 Men's Health schickt seine Verkäufer aufs iPhone seiner Benutzer - neue Chancen im/für ContentBIZ #
  • 08:15 Notebook HEM - Cory Doctorow discusses Media Literacy Video (3 Video about 23:30 Min) #
  • 08:26 Reading: A Sizable No. of Readers Want to Pay for News Online -- So Let Them ( ) #
  • 10:33 Unnützes (?) Wissen des Tages: Allein für die US-Auflage des letzten "Harry Potter"-Bandes wurden 217475 Bäume gefällt (via @neon_magazin) #
  • 10:40 Jürg Vollmer, CDR (CEE/MOE Newsroom) @maiak bei Klaus Eck im Interview zum Thema Spendenfinanzierten Journalismus #
  • 11:14 Testing Come join my conversation at All languages welcome. #
  • 11:50 Julie Posetti, How journalists use Twitter in the newsroom and 20 Tips for Tweeting Journalists #
  • 12:02 B2B Media Listen: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information - a Forbes Insight / Google study #
  • 12:17 Investigative reporting only online: too expensive for the paper (Washington Post) #
  • 14:30 Super aktive hier auf Twitter, der Boersenverein des deutschen Buchhandels - 10 followers, 0 Following, 0 Updates @boersenverein #
  • 14:59 @MichaelvanLaar 'klassische Werbung' was ist das doch schnell mal wieder ... grafische Werbung im Internet? #
Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

Montag, November 17, 2008

John Yemma on Christian Science Monitor's Future and Economics

of the Newsprint, Newsroom, Journalism on the Internet and Who will pay for the news

Leonard Witt interviews the recently appointed Editor John Yemma:

Keeping the high quality of the CSM with a 80-person newsroom

- in a pure Internet Model for the CSM would cost 6 or 7 Mil. USD
- CSM on the Internet, with a weekly print and daily news summary will cost about 12 Mil. USD

Video 26:28 minutes on Google Video

from / on pjnet

Christian Science Monitor Goes Online-Only [not exactly]
Brennon Slattery on (31-October-2008)

Sonntag, September 21, 2008

Mehr Social Media in die Web-Newsräume von Unternehmen und Organisationen

Über Social Media Ansätze in Pressemitteilungen und Social Media Releases 1.0 & 1.5 hatten wir schon gepostet. Auch wenn Kollege PR Blogger Klaus Eck schreibt 'Warum man auf Social Media Release 1.0 verzichten sollte', hier angeregt durch Sebastian Badenberg (siehe unten) wäre es sicher den Aufgaben und Zielen von solchen Presseräumen nicht abträglich, dies mit Social Media Elementen ein wenig nützlicher und interaktiver zu machen.

Zum Beispiel mit
- Kontaktangeboten / Press Brief via IM, Skype, Conferencing, Social Networks
- Multimedia-Angeboten auf der eigenen Website oder via Flickr, iTunes, Script, SlideShare, YouTube, etc.
- Kommentar- / Bewertungsmöglichkeiten
- Share-/Add this- und Bookmarking Services
- Blogs & Wikis
- Subskription via RSS Web / Mobile


Bereits im Februar 2007 hatte SHIFT (nach dem Social Media News Release) auch ein 'Social Media Newsroom Template' veröffentlicht (PDF)

Für WP Nutzer gibt es das
WordPress Theme Social Media Newsroom

Beispiele von Social Media Newsrooms

GM Europe



Virgin Mega

Sebastian Badenberg in webselling-print, sein Beispiel '' - von achtung! kommunikation eingerichtet - ist allerdings potthässlich).

Frühere Beiträge 'Social Media Releases'

Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

Reorg Newsroom: Tampa Tribune like

Mindy McAdams has a report on the Tribune staff meeting last Tuesday: layoffs 21 (11 immediately, 20 later; nearly one fifths) - I really wonder, why old 'news service organization' don't understand, how much more chances they have to serve their 'constituency' better and hope this 11 people will be a tough competitor to the Tribune in the future ...

Why I am sharing it here? Because I think that the Tampa Tribune has managed to overcome some hurdles traditional newspaper try to avoid (as long as they can) by doing a reorg of the newsroom that earns this name. The new structure

Audience editors — keep in touch with what the print, TV, online audiences want/need

Reporting section (all the reporters for print, TV and Web are mashed up

- Deadline reporting — for breaking/daily news
- Data — specifically for database stuff
- Watchdog, investigative reporting
- Personal journalism — stuff for people’s every day lives like weather, health, entertainment
- Grassroots reporting— citizen journalism

plus a
'Finishing' team for print, TV and online
to determine what stories should be covered and with what medium

and, yes I nearly forgot, the also have managing editor

via / more at teaching online journalism

Sonntag, August 02, 2015

It's Gartner's Hype Cycle Time for 2015

Since mid-July Gartner started to publishing it's Hype Cycle research papers peu à peu on almost everything technology-related subject, products & services client are expected or might be interested in and presumptively willing to buy.

In previous year we published some Hype Cycle graphs, e.g. for Emerging Technologies on our Blog [Search]. For 2015 we decided that we will not repeat that practice, but just point you to the right place, right query at Gartner's website [here- YES, you read that correctly, you can search directly on Gartner's site and do not have to use Google to find the requested information ;).

If you think the related paper might be helpful for your business, Gartner is welcoming mew clients, is willing to sell its research paper ... offer you a webinar on the subject.

Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology, 2015

via / more Gartner's Newsroom

Here a small chart comparing the status / stage of technologies according to Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies from 2005, 2010, 2014 and 2015:

Freitag, September 16, 2011

Ausgewählte Tweets 10. - 16. September 2011

нет - No, subscribing to my Facebook Page doesn't work. If you want the juice, Like me / Mag mich ;)

Meine Postings auf Facebook "mit"lesen, aber nicht FreundIn sein mögen? Jetzt auf Facebook Twitter-like folgen

ARD/ZDF-Studie: Die meisten Zuwanderer in Deutschland nutzen bevorzugt deutsche Medien - heute vorgestellt (PDF)

WSJ: Google Sees India Web Explosion

PwC's 2012 Global Information Security Study at #PwC #Data #IT #CIO #Security

Kienbaum-Studie Mitarbeiter-Engagement: Nr. 1 Indien, 2. China, 3. Brasilien.. 9. Deutschland, 17. UK, last 18. Japan

@thestrategyweb: Social Media around the word (study presentation)... Heavy 167 slides

Private Cloud Computing [Infographic] by Anan, @netzpiloten

@steffenmeier: Googles Blick in die Zukunft: Mobile verändert den lokalen Handel On TechCrunchTV

In India, Online Retailers Take a New Tack because most Indians won't use their credit cards online

Facebook Adds New “Subscribe” Feature [News] Now without adding them as friends, you can ...

UK Newspapers Are Messing Up Their Mobile Strategies, Mobile Business Revenue Model

Hanley Wood to centralize edit operations at DC headquarters, wants 'newsroom like Bloomberg Businessweek' @foliomag

1st Nielsen Mobile Media Ranking: Top 20 Android Apps in the US: Women Like Facebook, Men Love Maps and Mail

They call it the post-PC era: IDC expects PC Shipments to rebound in 2012, plus 9.3%, hold steady around plus 11% for 2013-15.

Nielsen Wire: 37% Access Social Media from a Phone, 3% from iPad Prima, iPad'ler haben mehr Zeit für Magazine, eCommerce

O'Reilly: "Tools of Change for Publishing TOC Frankfurt" Orientation and Transformation (?) Program + Speaker

There are always publishers who think, Walls are the best way to connect better than a great entrance, inviting steps

Which social media tool is the right one for PR professionals? /v @jangles

Nielsen published its State of the Media - Social Media Report: Q3 2011

NYT Notes in the World's Largest Democracy 'India Ink' Will it be welcomed? PressFreedomIndex: India No. 122 out of 178

5. Berlin Web Week: Die Digitalkonferenzen re:publica und NEXT stärken Web Week (PM) Termin vormerken: 2. - 9. Mai 2012

Amazon in Talks with Publishers to Launch Digital-Book Library, with a fee-based, Netflix like model Finally, ...

PwC Outlook on B2B publishing in the digital age 2010 - 2014 (56 pg., PDF) Medium Usage B2B Profs

IBM Studie: Smart, über 50% der Befragten mit Internetzugang nutzen soziale Netzwerke für Kaufentscheidungen

Book Business - Digitisation came late to book publishing, but it is transforming the business in short order @economist

„B2B Wertewelten” neue Studie des dfv Ein bisserl mehr auch auf Mediatreff

Freitag, August 19, 2011

Ausgewählte Tweets 12. - 19. August 2011

MT @uknaus: Entfernung des Like-Buttons? Es geht um's Abschalten von Fanpages
&Google& kriegen wir so auch gleich los

Erste Ergebnisse aus dem iPad-Panel von Axel Springer Media Impact [PDF]

Breaking News: HP to buy Autonomy for $10.2 bil in Cash @cmswire: #eim #cxm

Infos und Tickets zum #OpenGov Camp 2011 in Berlin unter #opendata #gov20

Top Newspaper Sites in Europe By Total Unique Visitors (000) Mail (1), Guardian (2), Bild distant (3)

MT @steffenmeier: Social Network rund ums Buch: Readmill will Bücher + Web verbinden Readmill, LovelyBooks, BookRix & Co

Schibsted Media Group a shining example for newspaper publisher. Makes 30% of it's turnover online, 50 % of  its profit

Glam Goes Mobile With New Tools. Offers mobile tools for mobile ad management, for optimizing mobile sites, apps...

R.R. Donnelley Acquires LibreDigital. Extends e-Reader Services Into Book, Magazine and Newspaper

Twitter users are more likely to impact your brand than any other social network @thenextweb

iPhone/iPad Apps der @VDZ_Akademie poliert Medien-DEnglisch auf. Christian Meier hat schon mal ...
(heubach media)

@medienrauschen: Engaging in Conversation Doesn't Grow Reach [Infographic] via @zite

Startschuss für Gigalocal – Mobiler Minijobdienst startet in Berlin Da wird ihnen geholfen ...

„Trade-In“: Amazon forciert Gebrauchtbuchgeschäft: Second Hand auf eigene Faust @buchreport

AAP: Bookstats details strong growth in net revenue. Examines Trends in Print + Digital Formats, Sales

Google plans to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 bln in cash, competing with Apple and Research in Motion directly

Google+ unveils eBook sharing feature--add your favorite book to your stream:

ARD/ZDF Online Studie 2011: Die Deutschen im Internet. Die Internetnutzung der 14-29 J. übertrifft bereits ihren TV-Konsum

Social Media for the Newsroom: 7 steps for building an effective community management plan

Arketi Web Watch Media Survey2011: Journalists Getting It 92% on LinkedIn, 85% on Facebook, 84% on Twitter No, not in DE

China will surpass Japan to become second largest media ad market this year

@VDZ_akademie 5 Okt HH Fachmedien: Paid Content und Paid Services. Was sich heute erfolgreich + rentabel verkaufen lässt

Freitag, April 08, 2011

Ausgewählte Tweets 2. - 8. April 2011

Journalists on Twitter: How do Britain's news organisations tweet? Data & Graph

Berufsprestige-Skala 2011: 1. Ärzte 82%, 2. Krankenschwestern 67%, 12. Journalist 17%, 18. (v 18) Fernsehmoderatoren 4%

@HolgerSchmidt Clever: Facebooks “Gefällt mir” Button bekommt Kommentarfunktion.

eMedia Asia acquires EDN-China and EDN-Asia ... cash 4 ml USD via / more

Shocking: Aldi Süd weitet Verzicht auf Werbung in Tageszeitungen aus

@maiakinfo: «10 Schlüssel zu einem besseren Onlinejournalismus». Provokative These @davidbauer: Die Besten arbeiten ▸

Leitfaden 'Datenschutz in Redaktionen' - aktualisiert, in 2. Auflage erschienen (61 S., PDF)

Ringier Romania reports revenues of EUR 19.7 ml in 2010 (after ca 30 ml in 2009) - the year of dramatic restructuring

Durchbruch: Die USA nutzt Facebook und Twitter für Terror Alarm Als neue Geheimdienst-Kabelsystem noch unter Review ;)

@KHeidl: Meine Replik zu @netz_reputation: #Fachmedien in den Spannungsfeldern ihrer Existenz #verlage

Nielsen Global Ad Spend up 10.6 % to 303 bn USD in 2010 Press release in German (PDF):

@mmeckel "Irgendwann wird es nichts anderes mehr als Netz geben" [und Print als Premium / Extention / Augmentation zum Netz]

Amazon weiss nicht nur was Buchkäufer wollen, sondern auch was Buchschreiber interessier(t)en könnte buchreport:

FORBES RUSSIA: Elizaveta N. Osetinskaya becomes new editor of chief on Facebook:

Lesenswert: Wie PRler Social Media zerstören… Jörg Wittkewitz Oder dies jedenfalls mit allen Mitteln "versuchen"

Facebook reaches out to journalists with page, workshops. Promoting the use of Facebook in the newsroom

93% of b2b marketers (US) are engaged in social media marketing 26% LinkedIn, 20% Facebook, 19% Blogging ...

The African Digital Frontier [InfoGraph] /v @eikewenzel

@michaelreuter: Studie: Links auf Twitter - Wie verweisen deutschsprachige Tweets auf Medieninhalte?

TEDxObserver talk on kids, privacy and social media Cory Doctorow

Last weeks FIPP Webinar Paywall Strategy for Magazine Publisher, by @FIPP_magazines @MediaBrief Vids/Charts archived

Montag, März 21, 2011

FIPP Innovations in Magazines 2011 World Report Inside [Part II]

Not very often I take time off for lean-back reading. But as Helen from FIPP was so helpful to rush me a copy of the 'Innovations in Magazines 2011 World Report' during the 'Digital Innovators Summit', I had to take a closer look inside the 128 book prepared by Juan Señor and John Wilpers.

I know, my comments are unfair, as I read, look, study all year - and sometimes advice - about useful and profitable innovations for reader / users and publishers. In summary it is an impressive collection and if you have been distracted from looking where you clients going and the money is, this is an opportunity to do some catching up.

Source: FIPP - manipulated pictures

Maybe someone can explain, why the word 'Content', the page numbers and picture are so much more important than the headlines (Content)?

More information and ordering (digital, and/or on paper) here

- Good choice to portrait a [real] success story: Bonnier AB. An interview with Jonas Bonnier 'Stop, Listen and Publish'

- Did anyone not hear about the Tablet Revolution and the Year of the Tablet? If 2011 is the year of the tablet, what about 2012 ff. For the novice and the inattentive, including some tips. I doubt that 2011 ff really the time for lean back vs. lean forward - at least for 5plus %, which care...

- Is blogging foremost an educational exercise for Journos (Forbes)

- Rather thin stuff on innovative Media Business Models

Augmented reality and 2D Tags
Location-based Services
User-generated Content

and Media eBusiness

Advertising Inventions
Digital Newsstand
Digital to Print [why is it called reverse publishing?]
[Alternative] Distribution Channels
Integrated Newsroom
[Just] Click and Buy
Social Network Publishing
Subscription via Social Media Outlets

There is -  for my test - too little consistent listening towards the user / buyer / market [what innovation people need, want and pay for] and too much marketing speak [media + marketing blahblah] in this book[concept] ... What do you think?

Montag, Dezember 06, 2010

Top 100 Marken: 60 % nutzen Social Media Dienste aktiv

Dies ist eine unfreiwillige, nachlässige Wiederholung eines Blogposts aus dem Dezember 2009

umfassende Strategien und Konzepte sind Mangelware. Eine neue alte Studie aus 2009 der Uni Oldenburg und construktiv untersucht die größten (?) Marken in Deutschland und zeigt u.a.

Social Media Nutzung nach Plattformen

Twitter ist der beliebteste Social Media-Dienst. 39% der Marken nutzen ihn, gefolgt von YouTube (37%), Facebook (28%) und Corporate Blogs (12%).

Nutzung von Social Media Diensten innerhalb bestimmter Branchen

92 % der Unternehmen aus der Telekommunikationsbranche nutzen Social Media. Gefolgt von der Elektro-/Unterhaltungselektronik (80%) und erst an 3. Stelle kommt die Print-, Medien-, Film und Musikindustrie. Schlusslichter sind die Kreditindustrie (40 %) und die Hersteller von chemischen Erzeugnissen (18%).

Der Wermutstropfen. 5 % der aktivsten Marken, stehen für 54 % der Social Media Aktivitäten ... aber verlleicht ändert sich das ja jetzt, wo doch Billboard sich gerade entschieden hat, jetzt auch den "Social Buzz" zu charten [Motto: "You know a new medium has arrived, when Billboard decides to chart it"]

Alle Studienergebnisse als PDF gibt es hier

via / more im construktiv Social Newsroom