Montag, Juni 06, 2005

Google Study Proofs: Search is More Effective Than Trade Journals

Google just released a study showing that for B2B advertisers, search seems to be more effective than trade journals. Not very comforting for B2B publisher.

Google (and MillwardBrown) measured 13 different sources of information and found throughout the buying cycle heavy use of search. Searchengine Lowdown gives a some details:

"Google Study Reveals Many Technology Purchases Begin With Search

- In the research/engagement phase of the purchase process, search was used 30% more frequently than the next most used media resource (trade publications) and 5x more than e-mail newsletters.

- In the consideration/comparison phase, search was used 21% more frequently than the next most used media resource (trade publications) and 5x more than e-mail newsletters.

- In the final purchase phase, search was used 62% more frequently than trade publications ... "

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via John Battelles Searchblog

see also AdWeek: Google Targets B-to-B Advertisers

Samstag, Juni 04, 2005

The Global Scale of B2B Media and Business

Talking about B2B media on a global scale, Paul Conley (he worked a.o. for Primedia, Bloomberg before he started his consultancy) reminds us about the fact, that B2B media has to follow its (reader and advertising) clients mind and business and "speak their language" to prevail and prosper. More ...

For those interested in B2B Media he recommends some blogs concentrating on the subject you might want to subscribe to (Thank you Paul, for mentioning our blog in this list). On his list are

Colin Crawford, he works as VP Business Development at International Data Group (IDG), he is mentioned with an interesting update on Viet Nam, but Colin's Blog is truly on global scale

Trade Association and Business Publications International (TABPI)
is credits 'to bring together editors working for English-language publications worldwide, and encourage a common dedication to editorial ethics and excellence.'"

Paul Woodward, after a career in publishing, he now runs Business Strategy Group Asia (BSG Asia) and consults and reports on B2B media in Asia on his blog and in a weekly newsletter

Some more blogs on B2B Media and B2B Business (and other subjects) you find in 'Favorites'.

Speaking about global scale and many language of B2B business and B2B media, reminds me on my early days in B2B publishing, when it was "enough" to publish about products and services in many language to service your clients and help them to make your country "Export Weltmeister" e.g. Export-Markt (published from Vogel, Germany) was published in about 7 world trade languages and special issues (our first Chinese edition came out in 1969!).

Today, I belief strongly, it is not only about the language. In a global world you have to deliver localized, customized Media relevant for your audience business. And that is, what I worked on from 1993 - 1998 for Vogel Media International building and developing local publishing houses (in Europe and Asia) - quite successfully actually - and my consulting and coaching business today is all about reaching that goal to enhance growth and profit.

Freitag, Juni 03, 2005

Media Drama EPIC 2014, Slightly Revisited to 2015

Jemima Kiss - on - points to an update on the Docu-Drama - see my earlier entry from Dec. 2004 -to

The Media in 2015

She writes:

"There's an updated version of EPIC available, the intriguing film about the future of news distribution ... the new version looks forward one more year, to 2015, ... Robin and Matt have given the 2015 update a slightly more optimistic spin. ..."

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Donnerstag, Juni 02, 2005

Indian Lifts 74% Limit on Foreign Investment for Non-News Print Media

Asia Busines Media reports - based on a report on Exchange4media:

Indian government has lifted the 74% cap on foreign investment in non-news print media opening the door for wholly foreign-owned publishing in most magazine and journal sectors.

But Investors still need clearance from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, the Foreign Investment Promotion Board and the Reserve Bank of India.

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Exchange4media: FDI limit on non-news publications goes

Mittwoch, Juni 01, 2005

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers Goes Online Only

btobonline reports that an b2b institution has decided to go online only

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

the company says, the move reflectes "an over 10-year transition to the Internet as the primary information source of the industrial market."

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via paulconley